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OK, this is going to be a lot. So much to mention.

First, tomorrow is the deadline to sign up for the New Orleans Craft Mafia's Handmade Holiday Gift-away Newsletter Contest. Lots of cool prizes up for grabs in exchange for your email address (we really don't send out that much email, just enough to keep you up to date on our members. So do it!)

Second, this weekend starts the holiday shopping market frenzy that will last the rest of the month. On Saturday, you can find me in New Orleans at The Oddities Bazaar (a benefit for Recycle for the Arts) - 1-5pm, 2831 Marais St., New Orleans, LA. On Sunday, I'll be at Festivus from 12 noon til 4pm (700 Magazine Street @ Girod in the parking lot). Come see me!

Third, if you're not in New Orleans and happen to be in Providence, Rhode Island, please stop by Craftland (address/directions on their site). Opening party is Friday night and they are open through the end of the month. I have clocks and shirts there for sale! Tell your friends!

Last, I'll be in New Orleans through the 23rd of December. If you're in New Orleans and can't make it out to a market where I'll be, you can find some of my stuff at Funky Monkey on Magazine Street. Otherwise, email or call me (my number is on the contact page), and I'll be happy to set up a time for private viewing of my inventory.

If you are in Louisville, you can find my "Home" Fleur de Lis shirts and clocks at the Why Louisville Store on Bardstown Road. Other than that, Louisville (or anywhere else), I'm afraid I'll have to ship out to you. The Post Office suggests getting your order in before the 18th if you want the package to arrive before Christmas (that's for Priority Mail), but I'd add a few extra days since it's New Orleans and by all accounts, the Postal Service is not yet running its smoothest.

That's all for now. Please sign up for my newsletter if you want regular reminders sent to your email about my holiday market calendar. (button on the left sidebar)

recycled ornaments for the holidays!

The bad news is, the Thanksgiving Weekend Sale is over. But the good news is, I have new products to show you!

Aren't they cute? (They're holiday ornaments, if you can't tell, made from recycled compact discs!) I have many other designs but haven't had the time to take proper pics of them all, so for now this is all I can show you. I'm selling them for $8 a piece (plus $2 shipping) and will throw in shipping on orders of two or more. I don't have a page constructed yet on the site from which to sell them (working on it!), so for now, just email me to place your order. (Note: I will be traveling on Thursday Nov. 30th all day and will not be online, so if you order that day there will be a delay in getting back to you.)

Thanksgiving weekend sale!

OK, shoppers: on your mark, get set, GO! art by mags! is having a special Thanksgiving Weekend 10% off sale on everything purchased through our online shop, so get going on the holiday gift shopping now! Discount good through Sunday November 26th. Happy Thanksgiving!

moving right along now...

the second of my major "things to do" before i head down to new orleans for december holiday markets - good folk fest - is finally over. (the first was sending the boxes off to craftland.)

it was a loooonnnngggg weekend, as good folk fest was 9am - 6pm both saturday and sunday, plus i spent the latter part of friday setting up. sales were not great, for me (though i think some vendors did well), but it was still well worth being there, as i was asked by the kentucky museum of art and craft to bring some of my clocks and my new recycled cd holiday ornaments to their gallery shop. which is pretty cool, i think. plus i got to meet a ton of really cool artists and see some amazing, inspiring folk art work. but i'm pretty glad that one is over with. (here's a pic of our booth!)

next on the agenda is black friday (the day after thanksgiving, purportedly the biggest shopping day of the year, though i don't believe that's really true). the louisville craft mafia is setting up in the parking lot in front of the nekkid giraffe on frankfort avenue for the extended-hours FAT Friday Trolley Hop, all day long from 11am til 10pm. so if you're in the neighborhood, stop by and see us.

after that is over, i'll spend next week stocking up and then packing up to head down to new orleans for three weeks. damn, that's so soon! so, um, i guess it's back to work for me!

One down... plus, another blog write-up!

The frenzied pace of activity continues in my world, though now at least I have Good Folk Fest over with. Check the blog page for more on that and on my upcoming Louisville market on Black Friday (FAT Friday Trolley Hop @ 2044 Frankfort Avenue).

In other news: I'm still lovin' my new scoot! design, so here's a better pic of my favorite color combo so far, on a fun 10-inch record. (Yes, it's for sale on the "clocks" page).

The other really exciting thing that happened today was that I just found out my friend and sister mafiosa member Mallory, aka Miss Malaprop, featured me today in her super cool blog! Once you start reading her blog, you'll have to bookmark it and keep going back every day, because it's so addictive! She really finds the coolest stuff. So I'm very flattered to be included amongst her indie finds.

louisville craft mafia on TV!!

today several members of the louisville craft mafia and i taped a half-hour public access tv show called "louisville's finest." (that's insight cable channel 98, for the local folks - the show will start airing on thanksgiving night, november 23rd, at 11pm. it will be repeated, but i don't know that schedule yet, so better catch it the first night!)

i've been on tv before, but it's been a while. usually i find it a nerve-racking experience. but today i actually had fun! we each had seven minutes or so to babble about our stuff, which is a long time in tv-land. i was able to display four of my clocks and several of my shirts, and plugged my website. i think i might have actually sounded ok! who knows if anyone really watches public access tv in louisville, but i guess we'll find out. stay tuned for more info on this...

in other news, if you haven't noticed, i did put one of my new "scoot!" design tshirts up on the clothes page. it's a nice, soft chocolate brown tshirt with orange contrast stitching. the one up there is a men's size medium, but i actually have it sizes m-2xl. so lemme know if you're interested in a different size. i don't have unlimited supplies of all these fancy alternative apparel shirts (at least until i start selling some and make my money back!), so better get 'em while you can. after good folk fest this weekend and then black friday next week, i might not have many left. so if you like anything you see on the clothes page, better snatch it up asap!

Craftland stuff sent!

Whew! The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity around here, trying to get two boxes of clocks and shirts ready to send off to Craftland!, but it's all finally on its way now. Folks in the Providence, RI area should head on over to Craftland starting December 1st (and running through Christmas!) and take a look at all the wonderful crafty goodness from around the country! Including my stuff! In fact, here's a sneak peak of some of the clocks I sent up:

Now back to focusing on Good Folk Fest for this weekend.

11.10.06 - new design!

Louisville folks: I just got word that the two clocks out of four which I designed for the Lebowski Fest Art Show (the two that didn't sell) will now be featured in a Greenhouse Arts Project -sponsored art show at the Manifest Peak Summit Music And Art Festival, on Bardstown Road between Za's Pizza, Big Dave's Outpost, and the Hideaway Saloon. Check that web link for more details. Hopefully the two remaining clocks will sell!

Also, I have a new design! It's all very exciting. Here's a quick pic, a close-up from one of the shirts:

Check back in the next day or so - I'll have a few shirts and maybe even a clock or two up on the site for sale.

craftland - providence, ri - december 06

one night, while reading the switchboards, on a complete and utter whim, i applied to this juried indie craft fair in providence, ri that happens for the whole month of december, called craftland. it only cost me $10 to apply, and really, i just was curious to know if i could get in. so i did it. shortly thereafter, it hit me: "oh no, what if i DO get in?"

well, i did get in (yay!) and now i have less than a week to get my shit together and send it up there. i'm running WAY late. but i really wanted to get the scooter design done (which i am finishing cutting the stencil for right this second),so hopefully by the end of the day i'll have enough to box up and send out tomorrow.

in the meantime, here's the page with all the folks who got in. (see my cute little banner on the top row?) check it out!

readymaker digest is finally online

i need to put this on the news page, too, but it's easiest to throw this up here right now: i just discovered by looking at the referral links on my site statistics page that readymade magazine's readymaker digest is finally online.

for those who have been following my biz news for the past several months, that's the little insert ad booklet in the most recent (still on newsstands, nov 06) issue of readymade that i was all excited about. it was my first big national ad buy - well really my first ad buy of any kind (i figured why bother with all the little stuff, go for the big one right off the bat!). they promised all along that they'd be putting the whole thing up online, and i've been waiting patiently, but it's finally up.

my turntable clock is on the 2nd page, but there's lots of other cool stuff in there too you should check out. so far i don't think i've gotten any traffic at all from the thing, but i did manage to get the attention of a buyer at a certain national fashion/housewares retailer (more on that if it pans out - don't want to jinx it), so if even just for that validation, it was worth it.

in other news... i just finished a new design and am cutting the stencil right now. i'm probably going to make it a silkscreen, too, in the coming days. so you can look forward to pics soon of cute little scooter shirts and clocks!!


I finally have some shirts posted up on the clothing page!! Check it out.

It's my pink-brown-blue collection... whatcha think? More coming soon...

my first feature on someone else's blog!

it seems to be a weekend of firsts around here...

so last night, after being so excited that i'd had my first sale through the new website, i posted something to that extent on the switchboards, which is this awesome indie craft business site for women. their forum is a never-ending font of information and inspiration for crafty gals like me. they have a thread called "celebrate" where folks post about good things that have happened to them/their businesses. so i posted. yes, i felt a bit like a dork, but i WAS excited. and any posting on their forums is good exposure to that community of women, who read that forum religiously and are all invested in helping each other. so i figured why not.

well this morning when i turned on the computer and read my email, i'd gotten one from the woman who does the blog greatgreengoods, which is all about recycled products. she'd seen my posting on the switchboards, and decided to feature me on her blog! yay!

first sale through the new website!!!

woo hoo! i just made my first sale through the new website... to someone who apparently wants/needs abundanceX3 in their lives. so to greta in nevada, iowa - thanks so much!!

**edited to add: she said she found me via an NPR story earlier this week on New Orleans shopping and the site (though i'm not listed on that site, so i'm a little confused as to just how she found me...)

getting this thing going...

it's taken me a while to figure it out by trial and error, but i think i finally have it worked out to have this blog function like a normal blog should. it's powered by, and also has a blogspot URL -, in case you want to bookmark it. i *think* you can subscribe by RSS if you want (lemme see if i can figure that part out, and i'll let you know), and eventually, when i have them, there'll be archives, too.

so yeah. i'm not totally sure exactly what i'll be blogging about here, but i do at least know that my older "news" entries will likely get archived here for all posterity... and i guess this will be the repository for all ramblings about my life as an art-n-craftivist that don't fit into the category of "news." so stay tuned...

**edited to add: you CAN subscribe to the site feed. it's an atom feed, at: i'm not really sure i know what that means - like what's the difference between an atom feed and a RSS feed? - but whatever. that's all i know.

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