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readymaker digest is finally online

i need to put this on the news page, too, but it's easiest to throw this up here right now: i just discovered by looking at the referral links on my site statistics page that readymade magazine's readymaker digest is finally online.

for those who have been following my biz news for the past several months, that's the little insert ad booklet in the most recent (still on newsstands, nov 06) issue of readymade that i was all excited about. it was my first big national ad buy - well really my first ad buy of any kind (i figured why bother with all the little stuff, go for the big one right off the bat!). they promised all along that they'd be putting the whole thing up online, and i've been waiting patiently, but it's finally up.

my turntable clock is on the 2nd page, but there's lots of other cool stuff in there too you should check out. so far i don't think i've gotten any traffic at all from the thing, but i did manage to get the attention of a buyer at a certain national fashion/housewares retailer (more on that if it pans out - don't want to jinx it), so if even just for that validation, it was worth it.

in other news... i just finished a new design and am cutting the stencil right now. i'm probably going to make it a silkscreen, too, in the coming days. so you can look forward to pics soon of cute little scooter shirts and clocks!!

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