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Taking off for a few weeks...

Yes, indeed, art by mags! will be on vacation for the next few weeks... til August 20th or so. It's my annual trek to the woods of Michigan to camp with thousands of other women, at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival. I do a work-exchange there, working on the film crew in the One World area, showing movies in the woods. It's quite an experience, dealing with technology when you're camping in nature (in tents)! And this year, for the first time, I actually had the privilege of co-curating the film festival there, with my pal Eunice... which was a lot of fun. We have a really interesting lineup of films that we're proud of, and I can't wait to see how some of them go over with the Michfest crowd.

So, what this means is, the webshop will be basically dormant. It will remain up and functional, but if you place an order, I won't be around to fulfill it til I get back (plus a few days, if I have to make-to-order).

However, if you're going to be at Michfest, I will have a lot of my clothing with me for sale... including my Michigan-specific "We're In The F*&$!g Woods!" shirts, and the ever-popular "Butch Enough." In fact I think I counted almost 200 tshirts, tanks and shorts will be going with me, plus patches and a few ties and cufflinks. I'll be selling at the Worker Craft Sale, but I'm also pretty accessible to all festie-goers out at One World, in the Movie Tent. So drop by and say hello! And don't worry, a full report will ensue when I return.

Why Louisville update + Strange Folk Festival!

Quick update #1: My "Home" Fleur de Lis shirt was the #1 selling design at the Why Louisville store in June! (And second best-selling in May!) Woo hoo! Plus, I have all sizes back in stock on the webshop for my army green ringer t version of the shirt, including women's sizes. So if you've been waiting for those to get replentished, now is the time to order!

Quick update #2: I got accepted to the Strange Folk Festival in St. Louis in September! Yay! I've been saying for a while now that I want to start doing more out of state craft shows, so I'm excited. More updates on this as information becomes available.

Indie Day at EarXtasy recap

Indie Day was a blast! It was mobbed from the second I got there until we packed up at 4pm. Many thanks to the folks at EarXtasy and Keep Louisville Weird for hosting the event and inviting me to participate. And thanks to all who came out and enjoyed all the free stuff and made purchases too!

I have no more public appearances planned for the rest of July, unless something pops up unexpectedly. So for the rest of the month, I'll be restocking supplies and inventory, and getting myself ready to head to the woods of Michigan for most of August to work at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, where I will also be selling my crafty wares. So if you've been thinking of making an order, please do so before the end of July, as the webshop will be on hiatus for the three weeks I'm gone. But stay tuned, as I'll be making many updates and new product announcements in the coming weeks before I leave!

Indie Day Coming Up!

Last weekend's shows went really well! Thanks to everyone who came out to support and buy stuff. More of a recap later. But for now, it's all about Indie Day! Saturday, July 7th, from noon til 4pm, at earXtacy on Bardstown Road. Free food, drink, raffle prizes, live music and lotsa local businesses. Come see me!

indie day animated poster

FAT Friday/Germantown Fest recap

Well it was a busy weekend of shows, both Friday night and all day Saturday, but well worth it. I got a little sunburnt on Saturday at G-town Fest, but it was a good time hanging out with the Germantown neighborhood peeps, my sister mafiosas, and the Derby City Rollergirls. Everybody was in a great mood and having a fun, relaxing time, eating, drinking, listening to awesome bands, and shopping. Big thanks to the gals at the Atomic Saucer for tipping us off to this event and including us.

And Friday night's trolley hop was surprisingly busy. Our location at Marvin Rowe's Pottery Rowe Studio & Gallery was ideal and we had plenty of room to spread out. I sold a little bit of everything but it seems the stencilled ties were a big hit! So thanks to everyone who came out to support me and the Louisville Craft Mafia last weekend! (Here's a quick pic of our set up on Friday night - that's my lovely gf Fae and sister-in-craftin'-crime Maranda of Zevin Creations, holding down the fort.)

Lousville Craft Mafia at FAT Friday in June

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