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My 70119 Clock In The Times-Picayune!

In case you missed it, my black and white 70119 (Mid-City!) sacred heart stencil LP clock was featured yesterday in a "Cool Stuff" roundup of funky "Time Keepers" by Stephanie Hepburn in the Inside/Out insert of the Times-Picayune. I can't find it online yet, but I snapped a quick digicam shot after finally procuring a print copy yesterday thanks to our neighbors:

The last time I was featured in a "Cool Stuff" roundup was a few years ago, for one of my recycled CD holiday ornaments. It's always exciting to see my stuff in the pages of the daily newspaper, and hey, free publicity is FREE publicity! I'll gladly take it!

It's been a slow post-Thanksgiving weekend here, after starting out Black Friday with a few unexpected online sales, which was nice. I continue to be sad that I cannot participate in the Arts Council market (I was rejected, twice, for being too "crafty"), but am happy for all my art/craft vendor friends that they are having such a great weekend out there. Here's hoping this beautiful weather and shopping fervor continues into December!

Speaking of which, looks like I'm adding yet one more shopping opportunity to my calendar. My pal DJ Soulsister just asked me yesterday if I was interested in hawking my record clocks and other stuff at her 3rd Annual Holiday Crate Dig at Domino Sound Record Shack (2557 Bayou Road), Sunday December 13th from 3-5pm. Of course I said yes! That's all the details I have at the moment, but don't worry, as soon as I know more I'll post about it and add it to my calendar of events on the website as well as my Facebook fan page.

It's about to get crazy-busy up in here, folks. So shop early and shop often! And if you need something made in a custom color combo, now would be the time to let me know that before I get so busy I don't have time to make it. Thanks for all your continued support!

Clocks Available At Sweet Gals Now

Just a really quick post to let folks know that some of my clocks (and hopefully soon, a few of my signs and maybe canvases too) are now for sale at Sweet Gals cafe (1906 Magazine Street) in the Lower Garden District.

It's a cute new breakfast/light lunch spot that does coffee drinks, too. It's a warm and friendly little space, and they are slowly filling up their walls with artwork from local artists like me, as well as Heather Mattingly of Nola Salvage. If you're in the neighborhood, stop by and check them out! Tell Farrah I sent you!

Elysian Fleas & Po-Boy Fest This Weekend!

This has been a crazy-busy week. Last night was the free encore screening of "Handmade Nation" at the Big Top - I didn't get it together to blog about it before it happened, sadly. But we had a small crowd come out to catch the movie and do some early holiday shopping, and I got to take in the Rock Art Circus show that's on display right now at the Big Top. It's pretty cool if you haven't been by to see it yet. Can't remember how long it's up but you should check it out before it comes down. Lots of really interesting and edgy rock/music themed art and craft.

Today is a day off for me, more or less, as Fae and I have a friend in from Louisville who is staying with us tonight, and I'm going to drive her around and give her the abridged disaster/sight-seeing tour. I really need to be working on holiday ornaments for a wholesale order, but our friend is only here til tomorrow, and it's important to spend time with her. So ornaments will wait.

Saturday, I'm slated to vend at the Elysian Fleas market from 11am - 5pm. Right now is saying there's a 70% chance of thunderstorms, though, so I'm not really sure what that means for the market. If you recall, last month there was some confusion around the Elysian Fleas market due to rain, resulting in them ending up having two markets two consecutive weekends. I was hoping for no rain this month to mess things up, but I guess we'll see. I'll keep ya posted.

If it does happen, I'll be there with all my wares, in the lot at 527 Elysian Fields between Decatur and Chartres. (Look for the big sign!) It's a fun, funky little market that mixes in real flea market fare with vintage, hand-crafted and recycled stuff of all kinds, including several artists and crafters. There's also food by Woody's famous fish tacos, Crepes a la Cart, Beaucoup Nola Snoballs and drinks by Abita Beer and the official Elysian Fleas cocktail: handpressed Canes Elysee sugarcane juice spiked with Old New Orleans Rum. There's also live music by Washboard Rodeo and vagabond band Debauch. So cross yer fingers for better weather forecasts!

Then on Sunday, which also happens to be my sweetheart Fae's birthday (yay!), we'll be set up on Dante Street with the New Orleans Craft Mafia and a host of other crafty folks at an unofficial Po-Boy Fest market. See all the details in the flyer to the right. I'm looking forward to being able to watch/listen to the Saints game at noon while selling my wares, and Fae is looking forward to eating as many po-boys as possible for her birthday! Some of our Craft Mafia gals will be vending at the official Po-Boy Fest, on Oak Street (Unique Products, Bayou Salvage/Nola Salvage), but most of the rest of us will be set up in the front yard of Mafiosa Emily (of Sweet Olive Soap Works), just a few doors down from Oak on Dante. Stop by if you want to get out of the crowds and do some holiday shopping, or just want to say hello and wish Fae a happy birthday!

And yes, I will do a recap of our cruise last week... I just haven't had the time yet. Perhaps later today. It was quite an adventure. But I'll tell ya all about it soon. If you catch me in person this weekend, you'll get to hear even more. Hope I see some of y'all out and about!

Freret Market This Saturday!

Well, the holiday shopping season is officially in full swing. No waiting til after Thanksgiving anymore - once Halloween has come and gone, it's ON! And this past week has definitely confirmed that, as I have been busy as all get out, with orders coming in faster than I can keep up with them. (It's a good problem to have!)

And so I am anticipating that this Saturday's Freret Market will also be a busy one. The weather is supposed to be beautiful, with zero percent chance of rain and temps in the 70s. Perfect.

There'll be 90 food, art/craft and flea market vendors, pet adoptions, Big Easy Rollergirls, and free live music by Ricardo Crespo and Sol Brasil, Sweet Jones and Coot. Rachelle of greenKangaroo, Kerry of Bayou Salvage and I will all be there representing for the New Orleans Craft Mafia. So come out and see us and get some of your holiday shopping done early!

Meanwhile... have I mentioned? I'm going on a cruise in three days! Like, the day after the Freret Market. Yikes. Have I packed? No. Have I shopped for anything I need? Partially, but I need to do more of it today. Am I excited? Well, heck yes! I've never been on a cruise before, and this isn't just any old cruise. A virtual who's who of lesbian culture will be aboard, a lot of movers and shakers in the queer girl world. Should definitely be interesting and fun.

Of course, there's this small matter of a storm named Ida out there, currently over northern Nicaragua and heading to Honduras and the rest of our ship's itinerary. I don't know yet how that will impact our trip but I'm hoping minimally. I'm heading out to the Whole Foods this morning, though, to pick up a supply of ginger pills, just in case.

I will be leaving my Etsy shop up while I am gone, but just know that if you order anything between tomorrow and Sunday, November 15th, I won't be able to process the order until Monday, the 16th.

Come wish me bon voyage on Saturday at Freret, and tune in here for many, many cruise pictures upon my return! Have a great week everyone!

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