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New Shirts!

Well, the designs aren't new, but they are newly printed!

Actually, I finally got around to making a screen for the "RIDE" bicycle design - it was previously only available as a spray paint stencil shirt, and I hadn't printed any of those in a long time either - so that's kinda new.

These are on men's vintage football shirts by Alternative Apparel. I love all the stripey action and color blocks. Sizes medium through 2XL are available, but only a few in each size, so speak up if you're interested.

Then there are these "NOLA Heart" v-neck football jerseys, also Alternative Apparel. I figured since they were gold with black and white stripes, what better design to put on them than the "NOLA Heart," which I also hadn't printed in a while and was completely out of. Just trying to switch things up a little bit and not do basic t-shirts, but offer something different. I have these in men's sizes medium through 2XL as well. These will be great for the fall when Saints football season rolls around, don't you think?

And then something for the gals - my ever-popular "Scoot!" design on these cute Alternative Apparel powder blue and red ringer t's. Yes, I've run them on this color combo before, and everyone seemed to like them a lot, so here's a few more, just in time for peak scooter season! Women's sizing, small through XL. Only a few of each.

Some of each of these will be for sale at the Creative Outlet art show at my friend Jen's house throughout Jazz Fest. They are all up on my Etsy shop as well. Whatever's left will be available at the May 8th Mother's Day Trunk Show that the New Orleans Craft Mafia is doing at the Bridge Lounge (more on this later).

Reminders: Wed @ The Square + United Artist Front

Wow, time sure flies these days. How is it already the week before Jazz Fest? I sure hope some cheap or FREE Jazz Fest tickets manage to find their way to me (barter anyone?). Or that I make a bucket of money this week at the market. Otherwise I'll just be spending my Jazz Fest on the porches of my friends who live in the neighborhood - this New Orleans resident/artist can't afford no $50/day for tickets!

Which market, you ask, am I hoping to made said bucket of money at? Well let me tell you... or, remind you. Tomorrow, Rachelle of and I will be sharing a booth at the YLC's Wednesday At The Square event in Lafayette Square in the CBD (across from Gallier Hall between St. Charles and Camp St.), from 5pm - 7:30pm. We are subbing in for our pal Heather of Unique Products, who will be busily preparing for Festival International this weekend in Lafayette, LA. The weather is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous - no chance of rain and warm temperatures - and Kermit Ruffins and the Barbecue Swingers + Jake Smith are the musical lineup this week, which is awesome! I'm excited.

I just got done printing up a whole mess of new shirts - Ride, NOLA Heart, and Scoot! designs, mostly - and have some fresh clocks and signs on offer, too. So stop on by on your way home from work - or if you're not working, you have NO excuse - and enjoy some free music, yummy food and drink, and fun shopping. Consider it your Jazz Fest warm-up!

Meanwhile, the good folks at NoLa Rising are working hard this week to install over 150 pieces of art which have been donated to their United Artist Front silent auction this weekend. Taking place on the 2nd floor of the Old U.S. Mint building (400 Esplanade), the two-day extravaganza (4/24-25) is being staged to raise funds for NoLa Rising's new Mural Arts Program. Why don't I let them tell you about it:

"NoLA Rising began after hurricane Katrina as a public art initiative to improve the day to day lives of the people living in New Orleans. Believing that “Art Can Heal the Wounded Soul”, Michael “Rex” Dingler spread the message that while we, as New Orleanians, were down, we certainly weren’t out. Through custom posters, random quotes and hand painted street signs, NoLA Rising became a cultural movement for social justice proving the power of a positive message.

This year, as NoLA Rising enters a new phase of existence, we look to our city walls to continue the message that New Orleans is the cultural center of the South. In our very own back yard is the most important wall in modern American history…the Lower Ninth Ward Levee Wall. To remember our collective struggle as a city, to re-assert our position as a city of the arts, and to honor those who we lost in the storm, NoLA Rising has begun the United Artist Front, New Orleans Mural Arts Program.

In our first major mural effort, we have sought and received support from the New Orleans Levee Board to turn the rebuilt Lower Ninth Ward Levee Wall into a continuous 3900 foot long mural (totaling approximately 46,800 square feet of art space), with 65 local artists each painting 720 square feet of their tribute. As a newly formed Louisiana Non-Profit, we are forging ahead with local leaders to insure the project’s existence and success and plan to announce the mural in the upcoming quarter."

Sounds pretty ambitious, doesn't it? And cool! So far, here's a list of artists who have donated pieces that YOU could bid on this weekend to help make the above a reality:

BANKSY / Shepard Fairey / STARHEAD / Ray Noland / El Celso / Amy Martin / Justin Hampton / Tony Nozero / Dr. Bob / Christopher Porche West / Rex Dingler / Joe Russo / Cherie Langford / Allison Termine / ARTCAR by Kelly Isreal / Ken Kenan / Bruce Davonport Jr / Layla Messkaub / Blaine Capone / Len Cowgill / Robert Guthie / Sarah Rosedahl / Brandon Dauphin / Ussama Hanna / Crista Rock / Amy Loewy / Scott Moseley / Lance "Varg" Vargas / Max Prophet / Mardi Claw / Mary Moses / Alleyn Evans / Stephanie Stelmach / 32 Brandongirl / GRAILIVES / Anthony Turducken / Sharky of Black Sails Photography / Donn Davis / Damon Rosenzweig / Kyle Chase / Beverly Cook / B-Kay / Emily Macafore / Bryan Barnes / Anthony Posey / Karen Miller / Graciel / Christian Silva / Sean Evans / Real Abstract / Joe Iurato / Tony Depew / Mia Volkommer / Carla Malone Steck / Peter Lundberg / Joan Davis / MAGS / Vall Webb / Dave Warnke / Arthur McLean / Jim Flynn / Sean Geatreaux / Michelle Brecher / O...Phuck / KelleyGirl / INSPIRE / Peaceswirl / SLIC / Will Frank / NEMO / Tammy Vitale / Dave Watkins / FOKUSED / GAIA / Lady Ma Dia / Shera Simon / James Peterson / Natalie Maloney / Pauline Patterson / Sheri Mora / Angela Pate / Dori Ashton / Steve Collins / The Grey Ghost / Nick Hasslock of the New Orleans Tile Co. / Leonard Lopp / Jon Curry / Michelle Augusto / Julie A. Miller / Melissa Levine / Cono / Jenna Colby / SoTx / Natalie Maloney / James Dingler / Real Abstract / Gracie! / B-Kay / Stevie Collins

...and more coming! I sure don't have any money to be bidding on anything, but I'm excited to go and see all the cool artwork. I might even volunteer some time to help them out (you could too - contact Angela for more info).

And yes, I did finally finish a piece to donate to the cause. It's a 22"x28" canvas featuring my NoLa Rising design, using spray paint and grey primer. You can't see in this pic, but the edges of the canvas have writing around it, listing off neighborhoods of the city which are all RISING! This too could be yours - get down there and bid!

OK, it's back to work for me today, getting myself together for tomorrow's market. Hope to see you there!

Creative Outlet Art Show Opening Friday!

I know I've mentioned it before, but now the opening is just a day away, so I thought a reminder was in order.

This Friday evening, from 6-9pm, head on over to 2909 Ponce de Leon in the Fairgrounds neighborhood - the lovely home of my friend Jen Biniek - for the opening of Creative Outlet's "Funky Lil' Art Show." Jen has graciously hosted this art show in her living room for four years now, taking advantage of her proximity to Jazz Fest and the fact that she's one of those people that knows EVERYONE - not the least of which is a bizarre menagerie of artists who all make small, funky art and craft.

If you can't make the opening, you can still go by... any Jazz Fest evening from 6-9pm. Stop by on your way out of the Fest!

I dropped off the last of my work over there this afternoon, and I got a sneak peek at most of what will be in the show. There is more cool artwork by more artists than ever before, and you BETTER go to the opening to scoop up the best stuff before it all gets bought!

I look forward to seeing you there!

Two More Things To Add To My April Calendar

Crawfest on Saturday was a blast, and a pretty good day vending, as well. The weather couldn't have been more perfect, the crawfish were really tasty (damn those potatoes were spicy!), and the music was amazing (love those Zydepunks!). Thanks to all who came out and stopped in the booth to say hello and/or buy stuff from me.

Since my last post, I've finalized a few more events on my April calendar. First up, this coming Saturday, I signed up last-minute-like for the new 2nd-Saturday Broad Street Bazaar. I haven't done this market since December, due to scheduling conflicts, and now that they've decided to move to the second Saturday of the month so as not to conflict with the Arts Council Palmer Park art market, I think it's worth trying it again. So, it's this Saturday, April 11th, from 11am - 4pm, at the corner of Bienville and Broad St, in the old Robert's/Schwegmann's parking lot. They've got a full house of art, craft, flea and other vendors, plus several new food vendors, including folks selling pepper jelly and fresh produce. Musical entertainment includes the House of Healing Gospel Choir and Fredy Omar Con Su Banda, and the market will also be spotlighting seasonal merch, from fresh spring flowers to Easter baskets and bonnets. So put that on your list of stops to make while you're out and about around town on Saturday. And cross your fingers for nice weather!

Later in the month, I'll be doing one of the YLC Wednesday At The Square events, on April 22, from 5-7:30pm. Located in Lafayette Square, off St. Charles across from Gallier Hall in the CBD, this free concert series is always a lot of fun. I'll be sharing the booth with Rachelle of (we are covering the booth for sister Craft Mafiosa Heather of Unique Products, while she prepares for Festival International that week), and the musical entertainment will be Kermit Ruffins & the Barbecue Swingers + Jake Smith. There's lots of great food and drink, too, tickets for which you can purchase ahead of time if you'd like - just visit the link above for all the scoop. Oh, and $4 parking is available at 650 Poydras Street after 4pm, which is good to know, because it can sometimes be really hard to park down there. I haven't done this market for several years - since before Katrina - so I'm very much looking forward to it.

OK, I think that's it for April, unless something else comes up... but that's pretty busy compared to the last few months. May will be much the same, with another Bridge Lounge Craft Mafia sale for Mother's Day, the Bayou Boogaloo, and possibly some more Wednesday At The Square dates, plus a few weekend art markets all on the horizon. But I'll post that calendar when more of it is finalized and May is closer.

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