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Obama and NOLA Rising Tshirts Are Here!

They're finally here! My Obama and NOLA Rising silkscreened t-shirts are finally done, and now up on my Etsy shop!


Just click on the pics above to go directly to the order page. Each shirt is $20 plus shipping, with $5 of each sale going back to the Obama and NOLA Rising campaigns, respectively. Show your support!

I'm Big In Norway!

And apparently, so is Obama.

You may recall me mentioning a few posts back that I'd been contacted by a Norwegian news magazine, Aftenposten Innsikt, which is published by Norway's biggest morning daily, Aftenposten, for the use of my Obama stencil design on the cover of their October issue.

Well, the issue isn't out quite yet, that's why it's not yet on their website, but this is what it will look like when it does come out! The editor just sent it to me. Isn't that cool?

I am thrilled and honored, and can't wait to get my copies in the mail of the actual publication. Not that I can read it or anything, but just to see it for real. I might have to frame it.

Just one more testament to the power of networking via the Internet. Yay!

Broad Street Bazaar This Saturday!

There's a new monthly market debuting this weekend, and it's in Mid-City, right down the street from where I live: the Broad Street Bazaar. Set to happen the fourth Saturday of each month in the old Roberts parking lot at the corner of Broad and Bienville from 10am - 3pm, its stated mission is "to help revitalize the historic Broad St. corridor and link to the Bayou Rd. development district, which has a Fresh Market every 4th Saturday."

What will you find at this market? Flea market vendors; artists, designers and crafters who work with recycled materials; light brunch by Ruby Slipper Cafe; music by the DeSoto St. Band; free Tulane Community Health screenings; a Phoenix recycling station; voter registration; and even personal services like braiding and massage. So far there are 27 vendors signed up, with more being added every day. And from perusing the vendor list so far, it's feeling a lot like the old Mermaid Market, which I always loved both participating in and also shopping at. Except, we'll have a lot more room to spread out in!

Yes, it is at the same time as the Arts Council market at Palmer Park, but who says you can't attend more than one market in a day? They aren't all that far from each other, and at Broad Street, you'll get a mix of art, craft and flea market stuff and be supporting Mid-City and the Broad Street corridor.

Most importantly, I'll be there with a lot of my stuff, including record clocks, an assortment of t-shirts (hopefully including some of my new NOLA Rising and Obama t's), some mixed media pieces, and art prints of some of my popular designs. It's my first market since I've been back in New Orleans, thanks to Gustav and Ike madness, so I'm really excited. So please come see me!

The Obama Art Report Plugs My Prints!

Big thanks to Ken over at The Obama Art Report blog for giving me a shout-out on Thursday. I've already gotten five orders for prints just since it went up, which is awesome and speaks to not only how many readers he has but also the passion and enthusiasm of those readers for Obama art.

Incidentally, there is another blog covering the Obama art phenomenon, which featured the spoke cards back in July. It's newer and somehow manages to not always necessarily duplicate what Ken has up in his blog. Just in case you are interested.

LA Weekly Loves Yosi.. And Quotes Me!

And the media barrage just keeps happening... I just got a Google Alert that tipped me to this article today in the LA Weekly.

I'm so happy to see Yosi getting some public props for all he has done, as he basically masterminded the Obama art phenomenon which began with Shepard Fairey and spread like wildfire amongst the progressive and underground art scenes around the country - culminating in the huge Manifest Hope art show in Denver during the DNC. (Pro-Obama street art had been bubbling up from the streets pretty much since Obama declared his candidacy, but Fairey's "Progress" and "Hope" posters brought that street-level energy to the mainstream, inspiring even more artists, like me, to make their own Obama art. Yosi helped cull many of these artists, including myself, hooking them up together and with other media-makers, to get their art noticed.)

And, as those of you who have been reading along know, Yosi was the one who approached me, via Flickrmail, about using my Obama stencil design for his genius idea of bicycle spoke cards. Talk about a grassroots success - every day, it seems, I get a message from some far-flung friend saying they saw the spoke cards on someone's bike, in their hometown. Portland, New York City, Columbus, Ohio, Washington D.C. They are everywhere, spreading the good vibes and hopefulness of Obama's campaign via bicycle enthusiasts everywhere. So cool!

The article lifts a quote from this very blog, where I said that I basically trusted Yosi right from the start, to do with my design as he saw fit, for the campaign. I knew whatever he would come up with would be good, and since I didn't have the financial means to make big things happen with it, I was sure grateful that it had caught his eye. And I was right.

It's exciting publicity for me, since the article actually uses my name and cites my blog (there's been many mentions of the spoke cards in national media, but most of them don't credit me as the designer), but it's really well-deserved publicity for the PR king himself, Yosi Sergant. I hope one day I can shake his hand and thank him for pulling me into his web... and I hope on that day, Barack Obama will be our next president.

My "Home" Shirt In The Louisville Courier-Journal!

I just found out that my "Home" tshirt was spotted in the Louisville Courier-Journal on Sunday, worn by my friend Pam Swisher in an article about health insurance and the uninsured. Way to represent, Pam! Thanks!

As you may or may not know, my "Home" shirts can be found at the Why Louisville store on Bardstown Road in Louisville, or ordered online via their website, though in a different color combination. (They recently put up a dorky bio for me, too.) The army green and black one sported here by Pam can be purchased right here on my website, though I only have a limited supply left in this color combo and will be switching to a new one soon.

(I've also heard tell from one of my friends that a different version of my "Home" shirt was featured in a story in the New Orleans Times-Picayune this past weekend, but I haven't been able to track that down yet. Anybody else see it and have a copy? Or a link?)

Back To Normal...

After a weekend of recuperation which included gathering my tribe of friends to watch the Saints win, drink beer and debrief from our harrowing weeks, I'm trying to get things back to normal around here. So here's a few updates:

- I finally have a pic of what the spread in Paper Magazine looked like, since I could never find one anywhere around here when I got back from festival.

Pretty cool, huh? It's probably hard to read in the photo, but they did put a link to the site, which is really cool.

- In other media news... I got a query last night from a Norwegian monthly newsmagazine, published by Norway's largest daily newspaper. They are going to use my Obama stencil design on the front cover of their October issue, to illustrate a big story on Obama! Does this mean I will soon be able to say that artbymags is big in Norway?!! Hope so! :-)

But seriously, I'm honored and thrilled to have my design getting some international exposure, especially after missing out on the Manifest Hope show in Denver during the DNC. But I've already had two orders for prints since I've gotten home, and lots of inquiries about stickers and t-shirts, so I'll be getting right on that, now that hopefully all this hurricane madness is over with. (Yes, I know Ike is out there and looming, but I'm feeling pretty certain it's going to Texas and isn't going to cause us much chaos. Crossing fingers!)

OK, back to work over here.

Back Home... Again.

Whew! Well we are finally back home from our evacuation, and it only took us 6 hours to drive home from Birmingham, which is only about an hour more than it usually takes. We didn't run into any stagnant traffic until Slidell, right before the approach to the twin spans... after which it soon cleared up.

I am grateful to report that there was no damage at our house, and we have power! It even looks like we might have only lost power for a very short time, as everything we had in our deep freezer showed no signs of melting/re-freezing. We are very happy.

Thanks again to all who helped us afford to get our car fixed in Birmingham. It drove much better on the way home, and it was such a relief to not be worried about it. I am so happy to be sitting on my sofa, in the air conditioning, watching TV, drinking a beer.

Business will get back to normal by Monday and I will update at that time.

Hurricane Gustav Update

By now everyone knows that I had to evacuate from Hurricane Gustav. Yes, I had JUST moved back to New Orleans and hadn't even finished unpacking yet. Yes, I know, it's crazy. But we did. We left at 3am on Sunday morning, ahead of the mandatory evacuation call... but clearly not early enough. We sat in bumper to bumper traffic, literally, on the 610, then the I-10, and then I-59, pretty much all the way through to Meridian, MS. At 1am Monday morning, after being in the car for 22 hours straight, we stopped at a rest stop right across the state line in Alabama and slept for a few hours. The traffic had cleared by the time we got going again on Monday morning, and our intention was to make it to at least Nashville, where we have other evacuated friends, or on to Louisville, which was our original destination. Our car, however, had other plans, and as we approached Birmingham, after putting it through the misery of driving 2 mph for 22 hours, it stopped wanting to accelerate. We could only go 40 mph, up on the interstate, and it was chugging, hesitating, jerking. We feared losing all ability to move. So we pulled over.

Long story short, we lucked out and got a hotel room and have one other friend from NOLA also here with her pets, keeping us company. We took the car in to a Kia mechanic, and there are multiple things wrong with it, the biggest being our clutch is dead. I-59 ate it. So we need a new clutch, a new tire (well really 4 new tires, but one is in the process of separating and will surely blow, while the others *might* make it back to NOLA), and the spark plug wires had to be replaced. All of this is running us around $800-$900 that we don't have, with the hotel room for 3 nights on top of it. Not to mention the gas and food we've had to pay for.

And not only is this "evacucation" costing us over $1K, but my income for the month was largely revolving around the Freret Market, which was supposed to be this coming Saturday in New Orleans... and which will now likely not occur. (I'm praying they reschedule it, postpone it a week or something, but so far, no word.) My partner, who is a grad student, is also unsure her paycheck will be forthcoming from Tulane, given the cirmcumstances.

Needless to say, we're kind of freaking out.

But many of our friends far and wide, and several people we don't even know, have been incredibly kind and generous, donating money to us, without us even asking. Words can't even express how grateful we both are and what a miracle it is. We NOW HAVE ENOUGH to pay for the entire repair!

We have now decided to head home tomorrow, Friday. The city is open, we may or may not have power (there is power reported 2 blocks away, but we are still unsure about ours), and very few businesses are open, but we just want to be home.

That's my update. (Updated again on Thursday, 9/4/08.)

Thanks for reading all this. Thanks to all who have emailed, texted, tweeted, called and otherwise checked in on me to make sure we got out and were ok. And special thanks to all of you who have so graciously and generously donated to our plight. I can't believe I'm in this position again for the second time in my life where I'm having to rely on the kindness of friends and strangers, but I feel so blessed and lucky and loved and held up by so many. I am truly humbled and beyond appreciative.

More updates as soon as I know 'em.

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