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Updates and New Design!

It's been pretty busy around lately, which, frankly, feels really good. I seem to have finally hit that critical mass of traffic between this site and my Etsy shop that has orders rolling in regularly, and when stuff is flying out the door, it inspires me to want to make more!

To that end, I have been wanting to make a design of some sort to pay homage to the NOLA Rising campaign I reference so often via this blog and with which I feel aligned and part of, even though I'm not in NOLA right now to be partaking in. With the success of the concept of doing stencil prints on paper via my Obama design, I was inspired to make a NOLA Rising stencil design specifically meant to print on paper or wood (as opposed to tshirts or a clock). To that end, this is what I came up with:


This particular piece is on debris-pile scrap wood from NOLA. I've made a few more prints on paper that I will be uploading to my Etsy shop for sale later today, but this wood piece I am sending down as my entry in the "It's Yours, Take It" art show that's happening next Saturday, June 7th at a currently undisclosed location in the Marigny. Stay tuned to the NOLA Rising blog for more info as to the location, and get all the current details here. (It's not too late to enter it - contact ReX via the above links for info.)

In spoke card updates, they continue to heat up the blogosphere, from coast to coast , including! They were even mentioned by Shepard Fairey in an interview he did with the Washington Post! At last count over a week ago, more than 800 had been shipped out via the website, and thousands more were hitting indie bike shops around the country. Folks in New Orleans can stop by Bicycle Michael's and ask Tim for them - I sent down a stack last week. And folks in Louisville can still get theirs at Derby City Espresso downtown, or from me directly.

One last quick think, for now - mark your calendars, Louisville, as I'll be having my last official public festival appearance in late June (the 28th to be exact) at the Germantown Shotgun Festival. I'll be hauling out all my wares and sharing tents with a few of my sister Louisville Craft Mafiosas, who are trying valiantly to resuscitate the Mafia here under new leadership. More details about this event coming later, but just wanted to get it on your calendars for now.

OK. That's a lot, I know - almost like writing a newsletter. Hmm, maybe I ought to do that, since way more people read my newsletter than this blog... guess I better get on that!

NOLA Rising Is Victorious In Court!


I'd just like to give a great big shout out to Mike Dingler (aka ReX) and the whole NOLA Rising crew on the occasion of the fabulous news yesterday that NOLA Rising won out over the Grey Ghost (aka Fred Radtke) in court. You can read ReX's full account of the day's proceedings on the NOLA Rising blog. All I can say is, finally, something positive to come out of the court system in New Orleans. Goddess bless Judge Sean P. Early for having sound judgement.

What I recommend for Mr. Radtke is that he perhaps take advantage of that free Red Cross mental health money that's being offered to Hurricane Katrina survivors and get some help, because the level of anger and narcissism he lives with is truly dangerous to his health as well as that of others who must come in contact with him.

In other NOLA Rising news, Rex and his posse will be hosting and participating in "It's Yours, Take It," an art show involving cities around the world that will take place on June 7th in the Marigny in New Orleans. It's a free public exhibition of artwork gathered from artists in New Orleans and around the world - including work produced at the most recent NOLA Rising paint party - and viewers will be encouraged to take a piece of artwork home, for free! The exact location of the festivities will remain a secret until the day of the event. Tune in to the NOLA Rising blog for all the details.

I'm currently working on a stencil to send down some prints - I hope I can get it done in time!

Bike To Work Day + Updates

First, I just want to update that the free $25 thing I mentioned a few days ago seems to still be working, even though it says it expired on the 15th. Someone just signed up using my referral link this morning and I got the $10 referral fee. So if you wanted to sign up and didn't have time or forgot, I *think* you still can. And you can of course still use your free $25 you got for signing up to purchase any of my stuff at any time - just email me to pay for it, as Etsy doesn't support RMX yet.

Secondly, it's National Bike To Work Day, and Bike Month the entire month of May. I just found this out. Sure does make those Obama spoke cards even more timely, huh? I'm on my way out the door in a bit to drop some off down at Derby City Espresso, so if you're in Louisville and want some free Obama spoke cards, stop by 331 East Market and pick some up.

Yosi sent me a ton more of them, so does anyone in Louisville have any other ideas of good places around town to leave some where likely Obama-supporting bicycle enthusiasts might find them?

Free Tshirts/Prints!

A while back, I mentioned this on my homepage, but there's a new interesting twist. FOR TODAY ONLY - OFFER EXPIRES AT MIDNIGHT!

There's this new online money exchange company called Revolution Money Exchange. They are kinda like PayPal, in that it enables you to send money from your bank account to other people online - or purchase goods with participating vendors - but without the fees of PayPal. They say their goal is to not charge fees at all, and to do what PayPal does but better. I'm a little skeptical that they won't eventually charge fees, because even PayPal was free in the beginning, but at least for now, it's better than PayPal taking their percentages. So I signed up.

They've had this promotion going on for a long time, that when you sign up, you get $25 for free deposited in your RME account. Of course the catch is, you can't withdraw it without entering your checking account info - so when you do, you are automatically signed up for their service. It still doesn't cost you anything, and after you confirm you bank account info you can withdraw the money, no strings attached. PayPal did the same thing when they started; I remember cuz I made a LOT of money getting all my friends to sign up and getting referral money. (Yes, after you sign up, if you get others to sign up using you as a referral, you get $10 for each account that signs up.)

So fast forward to yesterday. I realized the deadline was coming soon - the 15th - so I blitzed all my networks with the sign up buttons and got one or two sign ups. Well, inadvertently, at the same time, I had some friends who were buying a tshirt from me online for me to mail them, and they were going to use PayPal, but they saw my post about RME, signed up for the service yesterday, got their free $25, and turned around and paid for their tshirt order out of the free money, sending it to me for free w/no fees. They got a free tshirt out of the deal, plus a few bucks to spare! (And I don't think you even have to input your bank account information to be able to send their free money to someone - I think you can do this even if you don't plan to ever use the service again.)

So, I figure it's worth another posting. If there's anything you see on my website or etsy site that's under $25 w/shipping (or without shipping if you're local to Louisville and want to just pick it up instead), and you want it for FREE, go ahead and make your purchase off either site, and then use this link to sign up for RME:

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

...and then just send me the purchase total our of your free $25! It's that simple.

Thanks for enduring this spam and I'm sorry if you're not interested - don't worry, this is the last time I'll be mentioning it since the offer expires at midnight tonight.

Spoke Card Coverage

The spoke cards are starting to heat up the blogosphere. Aside from the original story on the site, there's also this mention on the BikeBlog out of Brooklyn (later corrected), and TrackosaurusRex out of L.A. Yosi himself is also making postings on various forums, and the cards are all over Flickr.

The article is apparently also being syndicated and being linked by blogs around the country. As is the Trackosaurus article.

And here's an interesting article from the New York Post that interviews Yosi, talks about the grassroots Obama art movement, and mentions the spoke cards.

Not all of them mention me by name or website, but a lot of them do. At least I get credited as "a woman from New Orleans" by many of them! And my website is getting mad, crazy traffic.

Obama Spoke!

Shortly after I made my Obama stencil design and started posting pictures of my prints and tshirts on my Flickr site, a guy named Yosi Sergant contacted me about it - he was a fan. As it turns out, Yosi is an L.A. based publicist who works with Shepard Fairey and volunteers with the Obama campaign in California - he founded this group that's been doing some great stuff for the campaign.

At first, Yosi asked if I was interested in having my design made into posters. Of course I got very excited about this concept, having, as many of you all know, become thoroughly obsessed with Shepard Fairey's posters and the onslaught of other artists' prints and posters that were hitting streets all over America.

After many email exchanges, I basically gave Yosi the OK to do whatever he wanted to with the design, knowing that whatever he cooked up, it was going to benefit the campaign and likely had a chance to get some pretty good exposure. I sure didn't have the cash flow/capital to make anything more than one at a time by hand, and clearly he did. So it took a few weeks, but I finally heard back from him. I think maybe what was going on in his head was that he was trying to come up with something more original than just yet another poster of Obama (though that would have been cool too!). And boy, did he.

Yosi is a bike freak. I don't know that I quite qualify to be deemed an outright bike geek, but I sure do love bikes and have always been an enthusiast and a rider, since I was a little kid and all the way through my adulthood. So Yosi's idea was to do spoke cards with the stencil design. I had only a vague idea of what a spoke card was, but five minutes with Google fixed that. I thought it was a brilliant idea.

Fast forward a few weeks, and here ya go: You can get one for only a dollar, which basically just covers shipping. Whatever profit there may be will go back into making more spoke cards.

I'll eventually have a stash myself and will happily give them away or ship them for the cost the stamps, but mine haven't arrived yet. So if you can't wait, go ahead and order from the site above. I'll post again when I've got mine in hand.

Apparently they have already made their way to Portland, Oregon, as I got a call from this guy this afternoon, as he was writing this blog post. Pretty cool, huh?


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