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Valentine's Day Items

Sorry I've been so absent here, but there's been a lot of non-crafty things going on. (Temperatures in the teens and 20s have kept me from getting much crafty-work done, so I've been focusing on other projects, like my new queer music blog, Stereo Homo.)

I never did get around to working on any Carnival-themed items this year, what with Mardi Gras coming so early (Feb. 5th)... but Valentine's season is also upon us, and I do still have a few things in the inventory that fit the bill. Namely, my LOVE Clocks, which surprisingly got plugged today in the Products of the Day Blog. There are some other really cute items in the same listing (who doesn't need an "I Luv U Hedge Hog" Purse or a plush "Love Devil"?), so take a look around.

Also, for the New Orleans folks, remember to look in the Cool Stuff section of the Times-Picayune on Saturday, Feb. 9th, because they will also be featuring my Love Clock (the red/pink/white version). That'll make my second appearance in the Cool Stuff section (the first being back in December for my recycled CD holiday ornaments).

Yay! Now if all this PR would only translate to some sales!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I know I've been a bit MIA, but I've been taking some much needed time off and dealing with the other areas of my life that were sorely neglected during the busy holiday shopping season. But I'm back now, and am working to photograph and get posted a lot of my leftover inventory on my Etsy shop, as well as making a new screen or two for new (and old) tshirt designs. Hopefully I'll have new stuff to share with you soon.

In the mean time, I wanted to share my excitement that my "Home" fleur de lis design was #3 in overall sales for 2007 at the Why Louisville Store! I feel like it's a pretty major accomplishment, considering that they didn't really start selling the shirts there until May, I think. I beat out some popular local designers, so I'm feeling pretty warm and fuzzy about it! Thanks to everyone who bought a shirt at Why Louisville - or from me directly, for that matter. And look for more tshirts in the near future.

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