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More Press!

I just saw this - one of Louisville's best blogs, Consuming Louisville, just released their Holiday Shopping Guide and guess who's on it! Not only did they mention my Home Fleur de Lis shirts that the Why Louisville Store has been selling the hell out of, but they also liked my new Rocketship shirts that are up in my Etsy shop! Thanks Consuming Louisville!

If you're not familiar with the blog, you should check it out. Ever since I arrived in Louisville, I've been super disappointed with the lack of quality blogs that are interesting and updated fairly regularly - back in New Orleans, blogs were and still are my main source of information about what goes on around town. But here, I found it challenging to find any blogs worth reading - until Consuming Louisville showed up. I guess it helps that Michelle Jones, the mastermind behind Consuming Louisville, and I have similar tastes in things to do, eat and buy, but even if you're not an artsy geek like both of us, I'll bet you'll find it interesting and informative too.

My Full Holiday Schedule

Here's my complete New Orleans holiday vending schedule:

Nov. 30-Dec. 2- Creative Outlet Holiday Show. Opens Friday night; open house Saturday and Sunday. 2909 Ponce de Leon @ N. White near the Fairgrounds. Lots of funky little art and craft, hosted by my friend Jen Biniek.

Dec. 1st - Freret Market - Napoleon @ Freret, Uptown. 12noon - 5pm. 130+ vendors plus great food and live music too! (And did I mention - there's beer!)

Dec. 2nd - Festivus - 700 Magazine @ Girod, 12 noon til 4pm. Hand-crafted, eco-friendly and fair trade goods and services from local cottage industries, plus food, gift-wrapping, the ever-popular flattery booth, massages in the "Office of Homeland Serenity," and air your grievances under the Festivus pole.

Dec. 6th - Louisiana Bucket Brigade Holiday Party - 6:30-9:30pm.

Dec. 7th - Trumpet Magazine Release Party & Neighborhood Partnership Network Housewarming Party. 3500 Canal @ Jeff Davis, 5:30pm-7:30pm. Cookie decorating, door prize, delicious food and drinks, and the New Orleans Craft Mafia selling their wares!

Dec. 8th - Recycle 4 the Arts Oddities Bazaar @ the Green Project. 2831 Marais St. in the Bywater (corner of Marais and Press Streets, by the railroad tracks), 1-5pm.

Dec. 9th - Festivus. 700 Magazine @ Girod, 12 noon til 4pm. Hand-crafted, eco-friendly and fair trade goods and services from local cottage industries, plus food, gift-wrapping, the ever-popular flattery booth, massages in the "Office of Homeland Serenity," and air your grievances under the Festivus pole.

Then I return to Louisville on the 11th and will be there for the rest of the holidays.

Art By Mags! featured in Storyville video

LOOK! Two of my clocks are featured prominently in a video produced about Storyville's new Austin store! They hang proudly on the walls of Storyville Austin, as well as Storyville Baton Rouge (different clocks). Though the clocks are not retailed via their stores, I'm flattered and thrilled that the good folks at Storyville like to decorate with my designs. And currently, my "Home" Fleur de Lis shirts are being sold via the Baton Rouge store. Hopefully soon they'll be availabe online. Don't worry, I'll let you know. In the meantime, you should check out their website anyways, because they've got a lot of awesome t-shirts for sale. I know after I make some money this holiday season, I'll be spending some there myself.

Etsy Louisiana blogs about me!


Big thanks to rustchic for the plug!

And while you're there, check out some of my Etsy Louisiana comrades-in-craft!

Butchertown Market a bust...

Oh well. They can't all be good. And the space was lovely, the vendors were awesome. Really everything about how it was put together was great - except for the fact that no one came. I don't know if it was just the location, not enough PR, the frigidness of the day, the fact that it was Black Friday and everyone was at the mall, or what, but really, no one came. I sold 2 ties, a patch and one small clock, making my net total for the day, after you take out the booth fee that I paid, $26. Yes, that's better than nothing, but really, not so good for an 11am - 6pm show.

It was super fun, though, to meet some of the other vendors, like Alyssa from Vintage Body Spa, Casey from LeeLuQ, and Laura from Laura Fauna. And I got to spend quality time hanging out with my Craft Mafia sisters, Angela of Amadai Designs and Maranda of ZeVin Creations. Some of us are scheming on the idea of starting up a Louisville Etsy Street Team, and also maybe throwing together a last-minute-shopping holiday show the weekend before Christmas. If it comes together, I'll be sure to let you know.

My First DIY Tutorial!

I'm so excited - the December issue of Curve Magazine is starting to reach subscribers! It contains my very first published crafty tutorial, which is now also up on their website, for my DIY recycled CD holiday ornaments.

I've even already gotten my first fanmail, from a sweet woman who really liked my idea and is going to make them for all her friends! So I wanted to post a link for folks to be able to download my design for the bird stencil that I used in my tutorial: bird_ornament.pdf . The issue should be hitting newsstands in the next week or so, so pick one up!

Upcoming: Butchertown Market

Well, I've finally sent my box o' craftiness off to Craftland, so I can mark one more big thing off my list! The next thing I'll be preparing for is the FAT Friday Trolley Hop at the Butchertown Market on Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving). It's a special FAT Friday Hop, in that they extend the hours to all day long, for your holiday shopping pleasure. Doors open at 11am and vending ends at 7pm, though there's a reception and some poetry and music after that, if you wanna stick around. So come on down and check us out. I know ZeVin Creations and Amadai Designs are going to be there (my sister craft mafiosas here in Louisville), and I'm sure the other 17 vendors will be varied and interesting. More details coming as I get them.

Ladypants Recycled Handbags by Fae

Introducing... my sweetheart Fae's new line of recycled handbags - Ladypants Recycled Handbags!

Aren't they cute as hell? Yes, I've screen printed some of my designs on the fronts of these, but the genius is all her... figuring out a way to turn a bunch of my old work pants into stylish and fun handbags! They are selling like hotcakes, so visit her Etsy shop to see what's left that you can snatch up for yourself! (She's currently working on another batch that has my rocketship design on it, so check back in often!)

Late Seating recap

Well the Under $25 Art Sale at Actor's Theater went well last night. Thanks to all in attendance and who bought ties, t-shirts, and clocks. Fae even sold her very first "Ladypants Recycled Handbag" - visit her Etsy shop for more info on those. (You can see them in the pic above, on the table in front of Fae!)

But now it's time for me to turn my attention to the next thing, which for me is Craftland, up in Providence, Rhode Island from Dec. 1 - 22. I've committed to sending up some clocks, t-shirts and ornaments, so now I have to actually MAKE said items, tag them, and get them off in the mail. I'm sad I won't be able to actually make it up there myself, but I'm honored to be a part of it. If you or anyone you know lives in the area up there, go check it out!

After that, it's all about creating inventory for my weeks in New Orleans in December. Wish me luck!

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