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Just wanted to update with the flyer for the event tonight, where I'll be selling NOLA Rising t-shirts and stickers and watching ReX and his crazy cohorts run "Jailhouse Rock." (Remember at your childhood fair or carnival, where you could put people in "jail" for various offenses and then they had to get someone to bail them out, donating money to whatever cause the fair was supporting? Well that's kinda what the NOLA Rising folks are doing, running an art jail, issuing citations and "arresting" people, throwing them in their makeshift jailhouse that will be near the corner of Camp and Julia Streets.) It's all in good fun, and I'm sure not the strangest thing going on at this event tonight. Thankfully, the weather is warming up a bit today so it won't be so chilly... so stop on by and say hello and check out all the craziness on Julia Street this evening.

Upcoming Events

Wow, there's a lot going on in the next few weeks. I haven't had much time to blog, so I better lay this all out before I forget or too much time passes and you don't get the info before the event happens!

First off, this Thursday night, October 30th, the night before Halloween, is the big early kick-off party for Prospect.1, called PROSPECT.EveryOne. It's hard to describe exactly what this is but I guess you'd call it a block party, on Julia Street, sponsored by the New Orleans Arts District galleries, from 7pm - 10pm... and it takes place before all the "official" Prospect.1 opening parties over the weekend. I think it's geared towards the V.I.P.'s and such, but as far as I know, it's free and open to the public. I hear it will feature a second line led by Panorama Jazz Band, appearances by the Big Easy Rollergirls, the Pussyfooters, a Sumo wrestling ring, stilt walkers, Miss Antoinette and (waxy) Ernie K-Doe, and DJ Brice Nice making the party rock. There will be food and 3 Ring Circus/Big Top gals will be providing the libations via cash bar. (The Prospect.1 site says Sunpie Barnes and the Louisiana Sunspots will be playing, as well.)

For those of you who might not have heard yet about Prospect.1, please visit the link and read all about it. It's an amazing event that's happening all over the city from basically now through January 18th, 2009, designed to be a huge international art biennial drawing art lovers from all over the world to visit New Orleans and see what we have to offer the world of art. It's an amazing opportunity for the city to shine, and a very ambitious undertaking, so I'm excited to help kick it all off on Thursday. I'll be hanging with the crazy NOLA Rising folks who will be hosting Jailhouse Rock (you'll just have to come to see what it is!), on the corner of Camp and Julia, and I'll be selling NOLA Rising t-shirts and watching the mayhem.

Then on Saturday, there's the Freret Market for November. As usual, it's near the corner of Napoleon and Freret, in a parking lot in the 4400 block, and will be filled with 95+ vendors selling food, art/craft, and flea market wares. Noon til 5pm are the hours, and it is of course free and open to the public. I'm particularly excited about the musical selections this week, as Manwitch and the Treme Brass Band will both be playing throughout the day, which rocks! Come celebrate All Saints Day with us! And remember, this is probably your last chance to stop by and pick up an Obama shirt or stickers before the election.

Of course, I'd be remiss to not mention the biggest day of the year, really, Tuesday, November 4th, which is election day. If you haven't already early voted (today was the last day for that here in New Orleans), then you better get your ass to the polls early that day, cuz the lines are gonna be long... and you HAVE to vote! I am cautiously optimistic but will be doing all I can to make sure everyone I know has voted. We'll just have to see what the outcome will be. I have HOPE. I BELIEVE.

What else? Well I'll be reminding you of these a little closer to the dates, but you should pencil in Friday November 7th for the New Orleans Craft Mafia's Night Market at Zotz Coffeehouse, uptown on Oak, from 7pm - 10pm. Also, Saturday, November 8th, will be the debut of the Magazine Street Arts Market in Sophie Wright Park - more details on this coming as soon as I know 'em, but I'm most likely going to do this market.

So yeah, like I said, a lot going on. And it doesn't stop - not between now and Christmas or really New Year's. And then it's Carnival. So maybe in March I'll get a break!

Broad Street Bazaar THIS Saturday!

Yes, it's that time again, folks - time for the monthly Broad Street Bazaar this Saturday, October 25th from 10am til 3pm at the corner of Broad Street and Bienville, in the old Robert's (Schweggmann's) parking lot.

After last month's fantastic debut of this new neighborhood art, craft and flea market, I'm looking very forward to this month's installment. Last month's market had around 30 vendors, and this one promises to have even more. Many vendors will have Halloween-themed items, though I'm not one of them. I will have, however, what's left of all my Obama gear, and the NOLA Rising t-shirts, as well as an assortment of many of my other original t-shirt designs... plus more recycled LP clocks. AND, if I get myself together today and tomorrow, hopefully also some new recycled board game and found object cufflinks, in preparation for that cooler weather we hope to be getting more of soon.

I know there's a LOT going on this weekend - Voodoo Music Experience included - but you know, the market is pretty close to City Park, just down Broad or Bienville on your way over to Voodoo... so stop on in and take a twirl to support local artists and other vendors, get your blood pressure and glucose levels checked for free, and grab some yummy migas burritos from Ruby Slipper. It's gonna be beautiful weather this weekend. I hope to see you!

Obama Gear Going Fast!

Yesterday I attended two different Obama rallies, which were organized to kick off early voting here in New Orleans. (I loved this poster that was up at the downtown rally.) I am happy to report that at the Rally For Change at Tulane, I sold 16 Obama shirts, making $80 more for the campaign! (I just made another $100 donation, adding some recent Etsy sales onto yesterday's totals, bringing my campaign contribution grand total to $400. Isn't that cool?)

And, between the Tulane rally and the earlier rally downtown, I handed out at least 300 Obama "Believe" stickers. I've been mailing out the sticker orders, to locations as far=flung as California, North Carolina, Washington state, and even Japan, as well as a few folks here in New Orleans. I do still have some left, but lemme tell ya, they are going fast. I deliberately didn't take them all with me so I could stretch out the distribution of them, though, so I'll still have a stack with me at the Broad Street Bazaar this Saturday (10am - 3pm at Broad @ Bienville), and I'll try to keep some on hand to have with me on November 1st at Freret Market. But really, if you want one/some, the time would be now to either hit the Paypal button on the home page or the blog post below, and have me send you some, or find me in person SOON to get some. I won't be printing any more.

(I also gave out tons of bike spoke cards, but I have a short stack of maybe 30-40 of those left, which I'm going to be handing out selectively to bike people, cuz I want to really see them on bikes!!)

Back to the shirts... I am now down to only having Large and XXL left in the silver Obama shirts with blue printing. However, I do still have a random selection of Obama shirts in various colors/sizes left, as can be seen in the photo to the left of my set-up yesterday at the Tulane rally. So if you still want one, I'll bet there's something you'll like on my rack - come take a look this Saturday at the Broad Street Bazaar and get yours before they are all gone!

Rally For Change Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, October 21st, there will be two Rallies For Change sponsored by the Louisiana Democratic Party, Louisiana Victory 2008, and Obama For America, to celebrate early voting kick-off here in New Orleans. The first rally will be downtown near City Hall (Poydras @ Freret) at noon, where there will be food, drink, live performances, I'm sure local and state Democratic politicians speaking, and they will be giving away 500 free t-shirts. I'm planning to attend just to see what they are up to, and I'll probably bring along some of my Obama stickers to hand out to folks for free.

The second rally is later in the day, at 5pm on Tulane's campus, at the student center (Lavin-Bernick Center For University Life). It's basically the same drill, but geared towards the college crowd. Free t-shirts for the first 100, speakers, music, plus food and beverages. And, at this one, there will be vendors selling Obama gear, myself included. The local Obama campaign folks reached out to the art and craft crowd, seeking those of us who make Obama-related things; not sure how many of us will be there, but we'll be located in Pocket Park, they tell us. Though the rally doesn't start til 5pm, we'll be setting up as early as 3:30pm, so if you are on Tulane's campus tomorrow afternoon or in the neighborhood, stop by and see me and check out all the new Obama t's I printed up over the weekend. And get a free Obama sticker or bike spoke card from me!

Obama Stickers Are Here!

Zoltron and the good folks at ROCK! They printed me up a batch of Obama stickers using my "Believe" design, and a box of them just arrived yesterday!

I've had to limit the purchases to five stickers max, for a dollar, cuz I want to have some left for the markets I'm doing in the time left before the election. But, say, if you only really want ONE sticker, and not FIVE, please just tell me that in the comment line on the checkout form, when ordering. Just tell me exactly how many you want. All orders will be mailed the next day after you order, so you'll get them fast and in plenty of time to display them proudly before the election.

New Orleans locals can get them from me in person at these upcoming events: Tuesday, October 21st at the Rally For Change at City Hall (noon) and Tulane's campus (5-7pm), at Broad Street Bazaar on Saturday, Oct. 25th (10am-3pm), or at Freret Market on November 1st (noon-5pm), if I still have them by then.

Even More Press... In The Huffington Post!

I just got a Google Alert (love those things!) letting me know that I was referenced in yet another article about Shepard Fairey's "Hope" poster phenomenon. It's actually a really great interview with Shepard and Yosi Sergant, the guy who conceived the idea for and made the bike spoke cards, using my design. You'll have to scroll down to the bottom for my reference, but Yosi gives me props. Thanks Yosi!

When the article first went up, it had a typo and referred to me as a "He," but I emailed the author and he's since changed it, and also changed the link to funnel folks to my website, which was awfully sweet of him. So thanks Ben.

I love the Huffington Post, so this is really cool!

New Orleans Craft Mafia in Baton Rouge Today!

For all of you in Baton Rouge who wish you could go to the fabulous Craft Mafia events in New Orleans, we hear your cries! Several members of the New Orleans Craft Mafia are packing up and roadtripping to Storyville Baton Rouge for a one day only Trunk Show, today, Friday, October 10th! Look for us outside from 11am - 7pm with all our wacky wares.

Don't miss this great opportunity for early holiday shopping from your local Louisiana crafters. Participating members include greenKangaroo, art by mags!, Flambeaux Design Company and Prix-Prix. Come check out our hand-made and recycled jewelry, accessories, clothing, housewares, d├ęcor and more!

Freret Market Tomorrow!

Quickly... just a reminder that I'll be at the Freret Market tomorrow, along with my Craft Mafia sisters Rachelle of greenKangaroo and Kerry and Heather of Bayou Salvage. Our booths are all in a row, which is nice. It's the market's big one year anniversary party - delayed from last month due to Gustav evacuation - so it's a much bigger market than usual and will be on the street instead of in the parking lot.

Here's the details:

Noon til 5pm @ Napoleon & Freret. 3-block party, 130+ vendors (food, flea, art/craft, and community organizations), 2 bandstands (at either end), Abita beer trucks, pet adoptions, Big Easy Rollergirls... and ME!

Oh, and it's FREE. It's going to be another gorgeous day.

I am fully stocked with Obama and NOLA Rising t-shirts, and I just printed up some more "Home" fleur de lis shirts, since they were a hit last week too. Plus I have a sales rack of discounted stuff, and the ever-popular bargain bin! And free Obama spoke cards, stickers and NOLA Rising stickers.

Come say hello and support the local economy.

More Publicity: Antigravity + Times-Picayune!

Well the PR just keeps on a rollin', which is awesome. This time it's all local.

First, Miss Malaprop gave me a spotlight interview in her "The Goods" column in Antigravity Magazine for October, which is their big Voodoo Music Experience issue. Couldn't be better placement for me, really. Thanks so much, Mallory! You can download the current issue online (I'm on page 13) or you can pick up a free copy all around the city this month.

The other fun PR comes in the form of some photos in the Times-Picayune's free neighborhood New Orleans Picayune paper (the one thrown on your lawn every Thursday), in the "Scene And Be Seen" photo spread. Columnist Roberta Grove covered the event in a column called "Bazaar Brings Bounty Of Bargains," plugging the market and giving props to many of the vendors who participated, including my sister Craft Mafiosa Lisa Jo Heinz of Fleur de Lisa and myself. My picture (which you have to get your hands on a print copy to see, because the online version doesn't show photos) is of me in my booth, in front of my Obama and NOLA Rising t-shirts, so it's great that you can see some of my wares. Thanks Roberta!

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