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butcherblock gig

Louisville News Flash: OK, it's confirmed now - I'll be setting up shop in the back room at the Butcher Block Gallery this coming Friday, February 2nd, from 6-10pm, as part of the First Friday Gallery Hop event. It will be me and Suzanne Steiger of, chilling with the free booze and food in the lounge room, so come hang out with us! 931 E. Main Street, downtown. Oh yeah, and there's some skateboard artist showing his stuff too - check this article from Sunday's CJ for all the deets.


Love is in the air... ah yes, Valentine's Day is on the horizon. So in celebration of all the lovin', I've got a couple of new "love" clocks up, plus I've gotten all red and pink crazy with some of the other designs. Check out the clocks page to see all the current options.


all of a sudden, i'm busy!

i know, i know... i'm long overdue for an update. the month of January has been fairly slow, with me focusing on buying new equipment and supplies, and replentishing inventory. i'm still not there all the way (it's hard to spray paint outdoors in the 20-30 degree weather!), but have been thrust into high gear in the past few days, as i've just found out i've got a gig tomorrow night!

the Louisville Craft Mafia has been trolley/gallery hop homeless this last month or so, since the closing of the Nekkid Giraffe, our former FAT Friday home. we've been putting out our feelers to try to find some new spots to showcase our wares, and have finally gotten a nibble... at least for tomorrow night.

tomorrow night, January 26th, we'll be at the Mellwood Center, in the courtyard, from 6-9pm, for the FAT Friday Trolley Hop. stick around afterwards, though, because Mellwood is having a FREE Mardi Gras Ball from 9-midnight, which we'll definitely be staying to enjoy.

and then, in a few weeks, I'll be heading down to New Orleans to participate in the Crescent City Craft Market on Feb. 11th at the Big Top. i'll be hanging around New Orleans through Mardi Gras (of course!), and hopefully peddling my wares to some stores there. and then, after returning to Louisville, i'll only have a week or so before heading to Nashville for The Revolution of Craft: Urban Craft Extravaganza! members of both the Louisville and New Orleans Craft Mafias will be there with me, so I can't wait! it's going to be a blast!

so yeah, lots on the calendar for me in the next month or so... keep checking back in for my reports, and for new product announcements!

recent blog mentions...

i meant to post this a few days back, but forgot. i've been blogged again - twice, actually. Miss Malaprop took notice of my Saints-themed black and gold LP clocks, as did the always-kind TravelingMermaid. big thanks to both of these blogging gals for their support!

It's Carnival Time...

Well, the Saints didn't win today, and so ends the fairy tale year that our boys in black and gold have had. (But what a great year it was!) Though of course let down a bit from the intense Saints fever of the past few weeks, thankfully everyone in the New Orleans diaspora has an even bigger celebratory occasion to look forward to: Mardi Gras!!

So, in the Carnival spirit, I'm doing another limited edition color combo of my New Orleans themed designs - incorporating the Mardi Gras colors of purple, green and gold:

(Click the pics for all the details!)

Who Dat Fever!

How 'bout dem Saints?! Yes, Saints fever has taken hold, and I have succumbed to popular demand. How can I not? I must admit, though, that I'd been toying with the idea of doing some of my New Orleans- themed designs in black and gold for a while now, but a custom order I received around Christmas time made me finally test out the color combo to see how it looked... and with the Saints' big win last weekend against the Eagles, and next Sunday's big face off against da Bears, the timing seemed right. So here ya go, all you WHO DAT'S out there:

Geaux Saints!

The Crescent City Craft Market!

Announcing a new, montly handmade crafts market in New Orleans: THE CRESCENT CITY CRAFT MARKET! No, it's not affiliated with the Crescent City Farmer's Market, though we love them and support them! But it is a new, monthly market put together by the New Orleans Craft Mafia to not only showcase ourselves, but also to offer opportunities to other art-n-crafters like ourselves in New Orleans and beyond. You can get all the details on the NOCM website and you can read my fancy press release on Craigslist (or perhaps you noticed the blurb about us in today's Lagniappe?), but the best way to check it out is to GO THERE THIS SUNDAY!! Anytime between 2pm and 6pm - 1638 Clio St., the Big Top art gallery. Did I mention it's free?

Sadly, I won't be there at this debut event on Sunday, 'cause I'm still up in Kentucky. I'm hoping to be there for the next one in February on the 11th, just in time for your last-minute Valentine's Day shopping. Or perhaps as a pee-break from the Mardi Gras parades that will be happening that day uptown on St. Charles? Regardless, stay tuned for updates on that. But in the mean time, go and support my sister mafiosa members and buy their crafty wares. And check out all the cool guest vendors too!

the evil norovirus...

Well, forget everything I said in my last update - about twelve hours after I posted that I got horribly sick with that vicious norovirus bug that's going around and, because it came at exactly the same time as my period, I got exponentially sicker than I would have otherwise. It has stayed with me for the greater part of 10 days; only a day ago did I start feeling energetic enough to get up and out of the house, and only today, back into the studio. So if you've been waiting on an outstanding order from me, I'm so sorry, but please forgive me. I'll get to it now in the next day or two here and get all caught up.

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