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Non Obama Post (Sort Of)

Yes, I know. This blog has started to look like all-Obama-all-the-time. Sorry, it just so happens that my love of graphic design and printmaking and my enthusiasm about the presidential campaign and my preferred candidate have intersected via this whole "artists for Obama" thing, via Shepard Fairey. So I've just been excited to share all this information and my designs inspired by it. (By the way, I'm thinking about getting stickers made of my design, what do you think?)

What else has been going on in my world? Well not all that much, frankly. I've been pretty obsessed with all of the above. But, I am happy to report that I will be making a trip to New Orleans soon, from April 10th - 15th. Partly to start doing some neighborhood and apartment scouting with my sweetie, for our impending move this summer, and partly to participate in the New Orleans Craft Mafia's Crescent City Craft Market on Sunday, April 13th. (Put that in your calendar right now!)

I'm also interested in coming to New Orleans that weekend because of the V to the 10th festivities that are occuring. Have you heard about all that? It's a big celebration of the 10th anniversary of Eve Ensler's Vagina Monologues and the V-Day events that occur around the country each year, organized by a coalition of national, regional and local organizations who deal with violence against women and girls. They are shining the spotlight on New Orleans and the Gulf Coast via their anniversary activities, to celebrate and help women and girls affected by Katrina. There's a star-studded production of the Vagina Monologues scheduled for Saturday night in the New Orleans Arena, featuring tons of big names like Oprah and Salma Hayek and Glen Close (personally I want to see Jennifer Hudson!), and then on both Friday and Saturday there are all-day activities in the Superdome called SUPERLOVE, including musicians and performance artists (like Alix Olson, Doria Roberts and Lenelle Moise, some of my favorites!), as well as free massage, health screenings, yoga instruction, etc.

I may or may not end up vending - it's been incredibly complicated trying to figure out the logistics of how to vend there, so I'm still not sure - but either way, I'll be attending some of the events. I'll keep ya posted on the vending.

And that's about it. We've had a lot of crappy weather up here in Louisville, which has been keeping me indoors and away from my studio, sadly. I hope it all ends soon and Spring starts happening. I"m anxious to get back to work.

Buy Your Obama HOPE Stickers Now!

A few weeks back, I was the fortunate recipient of some surprise kindness, in the form of some coveted posters and a handful of the ubiquitously-seen but hard to acquire Obama HOPE stickers in the mail. I've done my part, giving them away to Obamaniacs I know will post them or fundraise with them, and I was finally able to stick one to our car today, now that the snow and rain have all gone away. But I had a limited amount, and sadly they are almost gone.

Luckily for you, however, they are FINALLY on sale via, so you can buy to your heart's content. Tell all your friends!

Artists For Obama

Well, I've sold 4 of my Obama stencil prints thus far, done a few trades, and given a few away as gifts. I just need to sell one more to reach the $25 donation level and I'll do so via Paypal.

Yesterday I found a few blank tshirts that I didn't realize I had, left over from the Christmas selling frenzy, so I used the Obama stencil on those. Most of them turned out pretty well, though I must say I think if I end up running more of them, I might have to actually go with white t-shirts, possible of a ringer variety, cuz the print just looks so much nicer on them. (I generally don't like doing white tshirts, as I find they have a limited audience.) I need to throw them in the wash and make sure the spray paint won't fade or run, but if all goes well in the laundry this morning, expect to see them up on my Etsy site by this evening. I'll probably do the same deal, donating $5 from each sale to the campaign. There's only 2 of the red/white ringer that is pictured here; the rest are on darker colors like blue and grey. I promise I'll order some more blanks if it looks like these are going to be a hit, but consider this the test set. You can let me know via the comments here what you think.

On a related note, the Barack Obama campaign has released for sale a third Obama print by artist Shepard Fairey, this one saying "Change." It's similar to the "Hope" and "Progress" versions, but I frankly don't like the image as much. This one has a very large run of 5000, 4500 of which will be for sale via the Obama campaign store for $70 a piece. There's been some speculation that the remaining 500 will end up getting signed by the artist and be for sale via the Obey Giant website in the near future, but I have no confirmation on that - it's just speculation by collectors.

The exciting news though is that the Artists For Obama campaign will be releasing additional prints and posters by a host of other artists via the same webstore. I've seen several nice Obama posters by other artists already, so it'll be interesting to see what ends up for sale there. Check back often to see for yourself.

Obama prints are up!

OK, so we finally had a few nice weather days here in Kentucky over the weekend, and I got to do some printing outside without any atmospheric intrusions. It's still challenging to get a good, clean print that looks right on paper, but I got a handful of them done. I have now put up for sale on my Etsy shop 10 of my Obama stencil prints, 5 of the red/black variety, and 5 of the blue/black variety. Here's some better pictures, below.


I had to order shipping tubes so I'd have a way to ship them out so they wouldn't get damaged in transit, and had to buy more Bristol Board and spray paint. So after crunching all the numbers, I came to $18 as a price I could live with, to cover the supplies plus donating part back to Obama's campaign, and still leaving me making some profit for my time and effort. So tell all your Obamaniac friends! Support Barack while also supporting me, an independent artist! GOBAMA!

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