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my first feature on someone else's blog!

it seems to be a weekend of firsts around here...

so last night, after being so excited that i'd had my first sale through the new website, i posted something to that extent on the switchboards, which is this awesome indie craft business site for women. their forum is a never-ending font of information and inspiration for crafty gals like me. they have a thread called "celebrate" where folks post about good things that have happened to them/their businesses. so i posted. yes, i felt a bit like a dork, but i WAS excited. and any posting on their forums is good exposure to that community of women, who read that forum religiously and are all invested in helping each other. so i figured why not.

well this morning when i turned on the computer and read my email, i'd gotten one from the woman who does the blog greatgreengoods, which is all about recycled products. she'd seen my posting on the switchboards, and decided to feature me on her blog! yay!

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