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Obama Spoke!

Shortly after I made my Obama stencil design and started posting pictures of my prints and tshirts on my Flickr site, a guy named Yosi Sergant contacted me about it - he was a fan. As it turns out, Yosi is an L.A. based publicist who works with Shepard Fairey and volunteers with the Obama campaign in California - he founded this group that's been doing some great stuff for the campaign.

At first, Yosi asked if I was interested in having my design made into posters. Of course I got very excited about this concept, having, as many of you all know, become thoroughly obsessed with Shepard Fairey's posters and the onslaught of other artists' prints and posters that were hitting streets all over America.

After many email exchanges, I basically gave Yosi the OK to do whatever he wanted to with the design, knowing that whatever he cooked up, it was going to benefit the campaign and likely had a chance to get some pretty good exposure. I sure didn't have the cash flow/capital to make anything more than one at a time by hand, and clearly he did. So it took a few weeks, but I finally heard back from him. I think maybe what was going on in his head was that he was trying to come up with something more original than just yet another poster of Obama (though that would have been cool too!). And boy, did he.

Yosi is a bike freak. I don't know that I quite qualify to be deemed an outright bike geek, but I sure do love bikes and have always been an enthusiast and a rider, since I was a little kid and all the way through my adulthood. So Yosi's idea was to do spoke cards with the stencil design. I had only a vague idea of what a spoke card was, but five minutes with Google fixed that. I thought it was a brilliant idea.

Fast forward a few weeks, and here ya go: You can get one for only a dollar, which basically just covers shipping. Whatever profit there may be will go back into making more spoke cards.

I'll eventually have a stash myself and will happily give them away or ship them for the cost the stamps, but mine haven't arrived yet. So if you can't wait, go ahead and order from the site above. I'll post again when I've got mine in hand.

Apparently they have already made their way to Portland, Oregon, as I got a call from this guy this afternoon, as he was writing this blog post. Pretty cool, huh?


want to send some to Australia? :D
cool mags! i'm going to bicycle michael's right now to get mine!
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