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Free Tshirts/Prints!

A while back, I mentioned this on my homepage, but there's a new interesting twist. FOR TODAY ONLY - OFFER EXPIRES AT MIDNIGHT!

There's this new online money exchange company called Revolution Money Exchange. They are kinda like PayPal, in that it enables you to send money from your bank account to other people online - or purchase goods with participating vendors - but without the fees of PayPal. They say their goal is to not charge fees at all, and to do what PayPal does but better. I'm a little skeptical that they won't eventually charge fees, because even PayPal was free in the beginning, but at least for now, it's better than PayPal taking their percentages. So I signed up.

They've had this promotion going on for a long time, that when you sign up, you get $25 for free deposited in your RME account. Of course the catch is, you can't withdraw it without entering your checking account info - so when you do, you are automatically signed up for their service. It still doesn't cost you anything, and after you confirm you bank account info you can withdraw the money, no strings attached. PayPal did the same thing when they started; I remember cuz I made a LOT of money getting all my friends to sign up and getting referral money. (Yes, after you sign up, if you get others to sign up using you as a referral, you get $10 for each account that signs up.)

So fast forward to yesterday. I realized the deadline was coming soon - the 15th - so I blitzed all my networks with the sign up buttons and got one or two sign ups. Well, inadvertently, at the same time, I had some friends who were buying a tshirt from me online for me to mail them, and they were going to use PayPal, but they saw my post about RME, signed up for the service yesterday, got their free $25, and turned around and paid for their tshirt order out of the free money, sending it to me for free w/no fees. They got a free tshirt out of the deal, plus a few bucks to spare! (And I don't think you even have to input your bank account information to be able to send their free money to someone - I think you can do this even if you don't plan to ever use the service again.)

So, I figure it's worth another posting. If there's anything you see on my website or etsy site that's under $25 w/shipping (or without shipping if you're local to Louisville and want to just pick it up instead), and you want it for FREE, go ahead and make your purchase off either site, and then use this link to sign up for RME:

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

...and then just send me the purchase total our of your free $25! It's that simple.

Thanks for enduring this spam and I'm sorry if you're not interested - don't worry, this is the last time I'll be mentioning it since the offer expires at midnight tonight.

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