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I've Been Flipped!

You may remember me mentioning a little while back that I'd gotten a bunch of requests to sign some stickers, after being mentioned in the Obama Art Report blog.

Well, I guess I can say I've hit the big-time now, as mere days after I sent out those three packages that contained signed stickers, one of the recipients - a genuine and true fan and repeat customer (thanks Laz!) - tipped me off that one had made its way up onto eBay for resale. After a little bit more searching, I discovered there were several auctions up of my stickers and even a spoke card (which, btw, allowed me to figure out exactly who the flipper was).

I was at first very upset by all this, mostly because I felt like I'd been played by the guy who bought the stickers and asked me to sign one. I mean, Zoltron at had printed these things for me for free, so I didn't feel ethically OK about selling them for a mad profit, which is why I gave the majority of them away and the ones I did "sell," I did so for only the cost of postage, an envelope and PayPal fees. I guess I could have raised a stink about it, confronted the guy and chewed him out, or notified eBay of a sale of unauthorized product, but I chose to just let it go. Life's too short to waste on idiots, and his karma will catch up to him. My friends all say it's the price of getting press and growing my business, and that I should be flattered. And I guess they are right in many respects, but I will say this - I will be much more cautious in the future about signing things, that's for sure!

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