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Obamania Continues

Well in case anyone was thinking that the frenzy for all-paraphernalia-Obama had subsided any, let me just tell you, it hasn't. I've already sold through half of the shirts I printed and posted yesterday - and that's even with a few hours of my site being down, thanks to Dreamhost - and I seem to all of a sudden be getting a new wave of sticker requests, even though I'm no longer selling them through the site. And the weirdest thing? All the recent sticker requests have asked me to SIGN the stickers. I mean, I guess I understand - I'd dig things being signed by any of the artists I have stickers, prints or posters from - but it's just funny to me, because no one has ever asked me for my autograph before!

Also, yesterday in the mail I received the lovely shot glasses you see in the pic above, from New Deal Distillery in Portland, Oregon. They'd asked me a while back if they could use my image on some drink recipe cards they were thinking of making to hand out as promotional items around the time of the election, but then that idea apparently got nixed and the shot glass idea was hatched. I gave them permission, as these are promotional items and not for sale, and voila, my set arrived yesterday. Aren't they awesome? Thanks New Deal! And good luck!

For those of you who aren't as obsessed with the Obama art as I am, I have been making other work, and do still have a lot of other stuff for sale in my Etsy shop. I'll be ramping things up in the coming week or so, adding all kinds of new things to the shop in anticipation of the busy holiday season, and embarking on my month of non-stop vending around town here in New Orleans. (I'll post my full schedule soon.)

Also, the New Orleans Craft Mafia have a lot of plans for the next six weeks, so you'll be hearing about all of that soon, too. Stay tuned, OK?

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