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Back Home... Again.

Whew! Well we are finally back home from our evacuation, and it only took us 6 hours to drive home from Birmingham, which is only about an hour more than it usually takes. We didn't run into any stagnant traffic until Slidell, right before the approach to the twin spans... after which it soon cleared up.

I am grateful to report that there was no damage at our house, and we have power! It even looks like we might have only lost power for a very short time, as everything we had in our deep freezer showed no signs of melting/re-freezing. We are very happy.

Thanks again to all who helped us afford to get our car fixed in Birmingham. It drove much better on the way home, and it was such a relief to not be worried about it. I am so happy to be sitting on my sofa, in the air conditioning, watching TV, drinking a beer.

Business will get back to normal by Monday and I will update at that time.

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