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Obama prints are up!

OK, so we finally had a few nice weather days here in Kentucky over the weekend, and I got to do some printing outside without any atmospheric intrusions. It's still challenging to get a good, clean print that looks right on paper, but I got a handful of them done. I have now put up for sale on my Etsy shop 10 of my Obama stencil prints, 5 of the red/black variety, and 5 of the blue/black variety. Here's some better pictures, below.


I had to order shipping tubes so I'd have a way to ship them out so they wouldn't get damaged in transit, and had to buy more Bristol Board and spray paint. So after crunching all the numbers, I came to $18 as a price I could live with, to cover the supplies plus donating part back to Obama's campaign, and still leaving me making some profit for my time and effort. So tell all your Obamaniac friends! Support Barack while also supporting me, an independent artist! GOBAMA!

I love these, and I will post a link to your etsy shop on my xanga. Lots of Obama lovin' girls there. And etsy-lovin'. Obama+etsy=the luuuuuuurve.
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