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Artists For Obama

Well, I've sold 4 of my Obama stencil prints thus far, done a few trades, and given a few away as gifts. I just need to sell one more to reach the $25 donation level and I'll do so via Paypal.

Yesterday I found a few blank tshirts that I didn't realize I had, left over from the Christmas selling frenzy, so I used the Obama stencil on those. Most of them turned out pretty well, though I must say I think if I end up running more of them, I might have to actually go with white t-shirts, possible of a ringer variety, cuz the print just looks so much nicer on them. (I generally don't like doing white tshirts, as I find they have a limited audience.) I need to throw them in the wash and make sure the spray paint won't fade or run, but if all goes well in the laundry this morning, expect to see them up on my Etsy site by this evening. I'll probably do the same deal, donating $5 from each sale to the campaign. There's only 2 of the red/white ringer that is pictured here; the rest are on darker colors like blue and grey. I promise I'll order some more blanks if it looks like these are going to be a hit, but consider this the test set. You can let me know via the comments here what you think.

On a related note, the Barack Obama campaign has released for sale a third Obama print by artist Shepard Fairey, this one saying "Change." It's similar to the "Hope" and "Progress" versions, but I frankly don't like the image as much. This one has a very large run of 5000, 4500 of which will be for sale via the Obama campaign store for $70 a piece. There's been some speculation that the remaining 500 will end up getting signed by the artist and be for sale via the Obey Giant website in the near future, but I have no confirmation on that - it's just speculation by collectors.

The exciting news though is that the Artists For Obama campaign will be releasing additional prints and posters by a host of other artists via the same webstore. I've seen several nice Obama posters by other artists already, so it'll be interesting to see what ends up for sale there. Check back often to see for yourself.

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