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Happy New Year!

Wow, I've kinda dropped the ball with the blog since the market season ended a few weeks ago.

Christmas was low-key over here, but nice. We had a good friend in town from Louisville and had a lot of fun doing New Orleansy and Christmasy things with her, like gazing at the sparkly lights at the Roosevelt (pictured at right) and having a drink at the Sazerac bar; spending a day at NOMA and later riding the carousel and gazing at more sparkly lights at Celebration in the Oaks; eating beignets (Cafe du Monde), po-boys (Parkway), and other assorted local food & drink (Coop's, Brocato's, DBA); and seeing Sherlock Holmes on Christmas Day. (I liked it, but think Robert Downey Jr. is probably the only actor that could have sold me on Sherlock Holmes as an action character.)

The day she left, Fae's son Charles arrived, and it's been another busy few days with him. I did finally finish up most of my pre-Christmas orders (still one left - no, I haven't forgotten about you, Dar!), and have been spending a lot of time catching up listening to all the promo CDs that have been piling up on my desk for a year-end-wrap-up column I'm supposed to be writing but haven't yet.

Next Monday, Fae and Charles and I will drive up to Louisville. Fae and I will be in town from Monday night through Friday night for a quick visit, returning on Saturday so Fae has some down time before having to get back to school the following Monday. I'm looking forward to seeing my Dad and reconnecting with Louisville friends and family.

And then it's back to work, whatever that ends up meaning. I've been doing a lot of thinking and though I haven't reached any conclusions yet, I know I need to change some things, some major things. I'm not sure what the new year is going to look like yet, but I'm finding myself strangely excited at the possibilities.

It's been really nice not having to think about markets, making things, selling things, packaging/mailing things, etc. I guess I don't always realize just how much stress this crafty life creates for me. In some ways I miss it, when I'm not doing it night and day, but in more ways, I notice how much I don't miss it. At least the stress part. Something to think about, I guess.

Regardless, tonight is New Year's Eve, and tomorrow is a new year and new decade. So here's wishing you all have a lovely evening however you celebrate (or don't), and many good wishes from me to you for the coming new year!!

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