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Freret Market & Bacchanal This Weekend!

Well the holiday madness has begun. For me, it's meant lots of stocking up, placing orders for supplies, packaging up and shipping online orders, printing up more scarves and clocks, and fulfilling many custom orders. I've also been very busy with a big corporate order that will be a big windfall for me when it's done, but til then, I feel like I'm losing my mind juggling everything!

Several dozen black t-shirts just arrived today; tomorrow I'll be printing them with my "home fleur de lis" and "skull de lis" designs in gold. I haven't printed either of them in a long time and I can't resist the Saints fever that's overtaken the city. So black and gold it is!! Supplies will be limited, so if you want one, better find me sooner rather than later.

Saturday, I'll be out freezing my butt off vending at the Freret Market from 12pm - 5pm (Freret at Napoleon). Right now, the forecast calls for clearing "wintry mix" Saturday morning, but a high of 49 for the day. Brrrr! I guess I better pull out my longjohns. Crazy. But it will be a fun market, regardless, as they've got the expanded layout with an extra lot on the corner of Freret and Napoleon. I will be in my regular spot in the original lot, at the corner of Jena at Freret, along with several of my Craft Mafia cohorts. If you are out and about, stop in and see me. Remember, the early bird/shopper gets the worm/best pick of handmade goods!

Sunday, I'm going to be hanging out at Bacchanal Wine in the Bywater at their annual Christmas Art Market. I've never been there, but the pictures on their website look really cute, and I've heard rave reviews. We will, yes, be missing the Saints game, but if I have anything to do with it, we'll at least be listening to it on the radio. I don't know if Bacchanal has a TV or any way to broadcast the game, but I will figure out something. 12 - 0 baby! Anyways, come check out Bacchanal and enjoy some wine in the courtyard... it's supposed to be warmer by Sunday, so at least we won't be freezing.

And as always, keep checking back to my Etsy shop, as I continue to add things as I make them and have time to deal with uploads. You never know what I might come up with this month, and it might end up being the only one of whatever it is - so snatch things up when you see something you like. Happy shopping everyone!

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