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Freret Market This Saturday!

Well, the holiday shopping season is officially in full swing. No waiting til after Thanksgiving anymore - once Halloween has come and gone, it's ON! And this past week has definitely confirmed that, as I have been busy as all get out, with orders coming in faster than I can keep up with them. (It's a good problem to have!)

And so I am anticipating that this Saturday's Freret Market will also be a busy one. The weather is supposed to be beautiful, with zero percent chance of rain and temps in the 70s. Perfect.

There'll be 90 food, art/craft and flea market vendors, pet adoptions, Big Easy Rollergirls, and free live music by Ricardo Crespo and Sol Brasil, Sweet Jones and Coot. Rachelle of greenKangaroo, Kerry of Bayou Salvage and I will all be there representing for the New Orleans Craft Mafia. So come out and see us and get some of your holiday shopping done early!

Meanwhile... have I mentioned? I'm going on a cruise in three days! Like, the day after the Freret Market. Yikes. Have I packed? No. Have I shopped for anything I need? Partially, but I need to do more of it today. Am I excited? Well, heck yes! I've never been on a cruise before, and this isn't just any old cruise. A virtual who's who of lesbian culture will be aboard, a lot of movers and shakers in the queer girl world. Should definitely be interesting and fun.

Of course, there's this small matter of a storm named Ida out there, currently over northern Nicaragua and heading to Honduras and the rest of our ship's itinerary. I don't know yet how that will impact our trip but I'm hoping minimally. I'm heading out to the Whole Foods this morning, though, to pick up a supply of ginger pills, just in case.

I will be leaving my Etsy shop up while I am gone, but just know that if you order anything between tomorrow and Sunday, November 15th, I won't be able to process the order until Monday, the 16th.

Come wish me bon voyage on Saturday at Freret, and tune in here for many, many cruise pictures upon my return! Have a great week everyone!

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