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Cufflinks Galore!

If you've been in my booth out at a market anytime in the past several years, then you know that I almost always have a small display on my table with an assortment of funky recycled/found object cufflinks. The display, pictured to the right, is an old Monopoly game board, cut in half, stencilled, and drilled full of many holes in which to poke all the cufflinks for display. It's the perfect color and was the perfect use of an old Monopoly board.

Well I've finally gotten around to making a whole bunch more cufflinks, and was able to fill up all the empty slots on the board left blank by recent sales. And I have many more that don't fit on the display; I guess it's time to find another board game board that I can drill holes into! (But I'll have to buy a new drill, first, because my old one seems to have crapped out on me.)

Among the new batch of cufflinks are many sets of different colored dice (always a hit), some salvaged laptop keys (stripped from one of my own laptops that bit the dust years ago), many random game pieces given to me by my friend Nita (from miscellaneous pawns to Monopoly tokens to Scrabble tiles to Bingo numbers), and a new idea - recycled spray paint can nozzles, complete with the drippy paint (in various colors) that sprayed out of them! (Goodness knows I've got a million dead cans waiting in the shed for a good idea of how to recycle them, too! Let me know if you've got any ideas!)

All my cufflinks are bonded together by heavy-duty epoxy. My standard disclaimer is: They will hold up to normal usage, but it is just epoxy - don't use all your might to try to pull them apart because you might just succeed. It's not like metal that's fused together. But the epoxy is meant for jewelry making, and so does hold up over time and under normal wear and tear. I've never had any complaints, and I've been making these for at least 3-4 years.

Each set of cufflinks are $15 if you buy them from me in person at a market or other event. I will eventually get many of them up for sale in my Etsy shop, but I think I'll wait until Monday to post the new ones, until after the Elysian Fleas market on Sunday, in case I sell a bunch. But if you see anything in the photo that you simply must have, please email me right away. I can put them aside for you, if you'd like to pick them up, or I can invoice you via Paypal and ship them to you if you live elsewhere or can't get by to pick them up. I generally charge $5 for s/h and ship 1st class with these; the extra dollar or two helps cover the cost of all the bubblewrap and tape I go through packaging and mailing them out.

I should be receiving in the next few days a new shipment of clock parts and also a bunch more fabric from which to cut more scarves. Stocking up for the holidays, y'all. Stay tuned!

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