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So Much Going On...

It's hard to figure out where to start in the "update" department, as there's so much going on. Meanwhile, I've been feeling rather poorly so I haven't really managed to get much done. But the world keeps moving without me, so here's the lowdown.

First, it's going to be a busy weekend for me. On Friday, I will be hawking some of my wares at the FREE screening of the film Handmade Nation that the New Orleans Craft Mafia is co-sponsoring with the Irma Thomas Center For W.I.S.E. (Women In Search Of Excellence) Women at Delgado Community College. The event runs from 6-9pm in the Lac Maurepas Room on the 2nd floor of the Student Life Center, which is in the back part of Delgado's City Park campus, off Navarre Avenue. There's ample free parking available, and we'll have free popcorn and sodas as refreshments. Along with several members of the NOCM, myself included, there will also be members of NoLa Rising, Handmade Louisiana, the LA Crafts Guild, LA Artworks, and Krewe Do Craft also selling their DIY wares. We got a great little write-up in the Gambit this week, and we've been passing out flyers and blanketing the internet with info, so I think it will be an awesome event.

Then, on Saturday, I will be making my Bywater Art Market debut! The Bywater Art Market is the original neighborhood art market, having begun back in 2002, well before the post-Katrina explosion of art/craft/flea/farmer's markets in this city. Some say it is in decline due to all the competition around town, but I still think of it as the most prestigious and hard to get into, so I'm particularly excited to have been accepted. I'm a little nervous about the weather - right now it says 40% chance of rain for Saturday on - but I guess I survived the deluge at Freret earlier this month, so I can do it again if necessary. But cross your fingers for me, OK?

Let's see, what else is going on?

I just found out yesterday that I got accepted to participate in Craftland again! It's my fifth or sixth year - I can't remember which, they are on their seventh - and I always do really well up there in Providence. I wish I could afford to make it up there one of these years for the opening, but the timing is always so bad. It's right in the middle of the busiest weeks of the holiday shopping scramble, a week or so after my sweetie's birthday, and this year, only a few weeks after we take a big trip. (Fae and I will be covering the inaugural Western Caribbean cruise from lesbian travel company Sweet for Curve Magazine!) But regardless, I'm honored to be selected to showcase my wares there and I hope to devote a little more time to preparing for it that I have in the last few years.

The other big thing on the horizon that I've been working on is my submission to the Ray Nagin Coloring Book art show. My friend Karen Ocker illustrated this clever coloring book which brings to life the, shall we say, imaginative words of our current but outgoing mayor, C. Ray Nagin. Folks all across America are familiar with his "chocolate city" quote, but some of the ones Karen chose for this book are even more out there! Some I'd never even heard before. And her illustrations are witty and fun. So, along with the book release party - Friday October 16th from 7-9pm at Fairgrinds (put it in your calendar now!) - there will also be an art show of works inspired by the coloring book and in my opinion well-timed for our mayoral campaign season. I'm still scheming on what my piece will be, but I'll be riffing off the last page of the book which deals with our future mayor. Bookmark the website, save the date, and I'm sure you'll hear more from me about it as the time draws nearer.

OK, I think that'll do for now. Gotta get back to makin' the art and feeling better. Hope to see some of y'all out and about this weekend!

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