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Yep, it's about that time... the time of year I close up shop for a few weeks and head north to the sandy-dune forest in Michigan known as The Land, to unplug and relearn how to be present, and hopefully recharge for another year of living in this crazy world that we do. (It looks like this:)

I am once again - for the 13th year now - working on the production crew that puts the festival together, my 12th in the One World Media area where we produce the annual film festival associated with the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival. (We also assist workshop presenters with their media needs.) This year I again co-curated the film fest with my friend and longtime film crew member Eunice Charlton-Trujillo. So I will now switch gears from all-art-and-craft-all-the-time to all-film-all-the-time.

It's a funny thing, technology, in the middle of the woods, where much of everything else is accomplished in decidedly old-school non-technological ways. And it's not easy to pull off. But we do it, year after year. Meanwhile, though we do have electricity and running water in the form of outdoor showers (no flush toilets, only port-o-lets), we don't have cell phone coverage or internet access... which, I must say, I rather enjoy. It's a nuisance in small ways, in that if you have a business or urgent family matters or anything really that absolutely needs checking on in the time you are there, it can be very challenging finding the time in your daily work schedule to schlep out to your car (if you have one - many folks fly) and drive into the nearest town (usually about a half hour away) to find some wifi or cell coverage. But if you have the luxury of not having anything urgent to check in on - or can somehow structure your life such that you don't for a few weeks - it's really quite nice to not be hooked up to the information superhighway 24/7 for a few weeks. To remember what that feels like - remember what it was like before the internet and cell phones? (I guess some of you reading this probably do not!)

Well, anyways... all of this is to say I will be not present here in cyberspace or on the cell airwaves until mid-August. I'll be leaving the land on the 12th but won't be home and have my internet life back up and running probably until the 17th. So til then, enjoy the dog days of summer (hopefully many of you are also going or are already on vacation!) and we'll reconnect when I get back. Bye!

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