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Rachel, Rachel, Rachel!

OK, I admit it. Like the vast majority of the lesbian nation - as well as a fair share of the rest of the world - I am in love with Rachel Maddow. Not only is she a hot, sexy, butch-of-center flaming queer, but she's also super smart, word-savvy, and one of the most progressive voices in the mainstream media. And those dork glasses - god, does she know how to work the sexy-dork look!

A while back I started thinking about what I wanted to take on as a new project, now that the Obama stuff has run its course and, well, there are only so many record-clocks that one can make/sell. I've been feeling this past year or so since I've been back in New Orleans, that I want to start doing more "art" as well as "craft," and want to try to take the stenciling thing to the next level. When I did the dog stencil clock, I had fun doing multi-layered stenciling. It's not easy, but I like the challenge and love the aesthetic of how it turns out. So I started thinking about what I'd like to do. A lot of poster/print artists do pop-culture portraits, but I didn't want to just do the same thing everyone else is doing. I started thinking, what would I want on my own walls? Who are the pop-culture personalities that I admire, that aren't already being done a million times over?

My original idea was to do lesbian icons - or dykons, a term that has apparently already been used in the queer press liberally - but I might not narrow it to specifically lesbians. I might limit it to women, however. I'm not really sure. I have a long list that I brainstormed when I first thought of the idea, but Rachel Maddow was near the top and just felt like the right place to start. I had a bunch of 12x12 inch canvases sitting around unused, so it seemed a good size to work from. So the initial stencil was meant for the small square canvas, as seen in the photo above.

However, once I started printing, I decided to experiment with it on a larger sheet of paper, to see how that would look. And I really like the results. The paper prints are 14x17 inches on acid-free bristol board, and are completely spray painted, including the background color. I'm still playing around with color combinations, and so far have only printed three paper versions to completion. But I'll hopefully get around to a few more this next week before I head out on vacation.

So. If you think you might like any of these prints or paintings that are up in my Etsy shop, please scoop them up now and give me enough time to mail them to you! I leave on the 25th early, so my last day for shipping is the 24th. Or if you are local, I can deliver or you can pick up. I'm still scrambling for the funds to make the trip up, so you'd be helping me out bigtime AND you'd get a one-of-a-kind piece of stencil art!

Long Live Rachel!

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