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How Did It Get To Be February Already?

Wow, I sure meant to update sooner than this! But right after I got back from Washington D.C. and my inauguration celebration, I got really, really sick with a severe case of bronchitis (or some nasty virus that simulated its worst symptoms), and was totally laid out for like two weeks. I'm still recuperating, though feeling generally better and well enough to function now. But it was really bad there for a little while.

Meantime, I've uploaded all my pics and a few videos from my D.C. trip to my Flickr site, and the Manifest Hope folks have uploaded a ton of photos and updated their website, post-show. (Also, you can google Manifest Hope:DC and find a plethora of blog, radio, tv and print publication coverage from the event.)

My big update is that my blue "Believe" canvas sold in the show, which is very exciting! The red one did not, as it was not in the main show but instead over at the pop-up SEIU gallery in Dupont Circle that I don't think anyone really knew anything about. I never made my way over there to look for it myself, due to my busy schedule. As soon as it arrives back home to me here in New Orleans, I'll be putting it up for sale via my Etsy shop, so stay tuned. It will likely be the last version of this painting that I have up for sale, as I've now sold both small test canvases and a test print on posterboard, as well as the original blue canvas. I'm open to specific commissions, but won't likely be creating any on my own any longer.

(The Obama tshirts are still up for sale via the Etsy shop, too - there's about a dozen of them left in a variety of sizes. But once they are gone, they are gone! That's it!)

Right now, I'm trying to get my strength back and get back into the groove making new stuff. I've been working on a dog stencil design for a clock, at the urging of some friends. More on this soon when I get it perfected. And this week I have to stock up on stuff for Valentine's, as the New Orleans Craft Mafia is hosting a St. Valentine's Day Massacre (indie craft market) at the Bridge Lounge this Friday (the 13th) evening, for all you last-minute shoppers who need unique goodies for your sweeties, or for lonely hearts who just want to indulge themselves. See the flyer to the right for all the details. It promises to be a good time, and a great stop-off before and/or after catching the night's Carnival parades on the uptown route.

Speaking of which, Carnival season is in full swing here, so I might not be too great at updating this month, what with all the parade-going and costume-making on my agenda. But I'll try. Happy Mardi Gras, everyone!

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