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Two More Obama Art Shows I'm In This January

Lots going on right now for me, art-wise... so let me get you caught up.

First, in connection with the Manifest Hope show that I've already mentioned in this blog, I got an email last week offering the following:

"On January 6th the Transitional Government is holding an intimate gathering with some of the highest-ranking officials in the upcoming administration including David Plouffe, David Axelrod, John Podesta and many others. As some of them will not be able to attend our gallery, they have requested to preview works of the artists participating in Manifest Hope: DC!"

Needless to say, I sent my paintings up early! (Ohmygod, is this really my life? Is this really happening?) Though I nearly killed myself in the process of figuring out how to properly package them and then get them to the FedEx place in time, they went out on Friday and were delivered this morning. Hopefully they will be deemed interesting enough for this event tonight. Very exciting.

In addition to all this, my Obama "Believe" prints will also be making appearances in two more Obama-related gallery shows in the month of January.

The first is a private collection exhibit of Obama art at the Barna Business School in the Dominican Republic, organized by collector and artist Glennys Anglada. You can see a video that captures the enormity of the show on YouTube, though sadly my print is not represented due to shipping damage that delayed its inclusion. (I think it should be up in the show now - I hope!) The exhibit opened November 18th, 2008 and will remain up until January 31st, 2009. In Anglada's own words: "The exhibit is about art, is about propaganda, is about a movement, is about a collector's passion to acquire and an artist's passion to create. It is my personal way to show in my country the president elect "Barack Obama as viewed by artists" — a political figure that has the potential to be a world leader."

The other show is also part of the pre-inaugural excitement in the DC area. It's called 44 - Music and Art Inspired by Barack Obama, and will take place Saturday, January 10th, 2009 from 5-10pm at the Heineman Myers Contemporary Art Gallery (4728 Hampden Lane, Bethesda, Maryland). From the press release:

Celebrating the hope and vision for the future represented by the Obama presidency, the event will include music by Yoko K.. A private collection of Obama art will be displayed in the gallery space. This Not-For Sale exhibition features work by artists Margaret Coble, David Choe, Antar Dayal, Ron English, Shepard Fairey, Paul Gardner, Scott Hansen, Felix Jackson, Jr., Rafael Lopez, Amy Martin, Michael Murphy, Mr. Brainwash, Ray Noland, Alex Ross, including artists' designs produced by printing house "Burlesque Designs," sold through "Upper Playground," a street art merchandiser.

Shannon Moore, also based in the DC area, will unveil her recent limited edition silk screen print portraying a potential presidential ticket of Malia Obama and Chelsea Clinton in 2044. (Pictured above.) This print will be offered for sale at the event, along with art work by Michael Murphy and Robert Strasser, for those who would like to start or augment their own Obama art collection.

In the spirit of the times, guests will be asked for a $10 donation, and all proceeds will be given to charity causes. The beneficiaries of the event include "Cakes for Cause," and "Non-Violence International,"

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