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Still Chugging Along... and, Big News!

Well the first weekend of madness is over with, only two more to go! Freret on Saturday rocked, but I was feeling so crappy on Sunday when I woke up that I ended up cancelling on the Unitarian Church. There was just no way I could be out in public, but I apologize to the UU's and to anyone who might have gone by looking for me.

Not to worry, you've plenty more chances to find me in the next two weeks, starting with Frerestivus on Saturday and then Washington Square Park on Sunday. Read the home page for all the details, or check my full schedule. Of course, you could just shop here online or on my Etsy shop, or you can even just email or call me to place an order. I'm flexible!

In other news, I wish I had more info to share about this, but this is all I know: a few days ago I was asked to contribute some pieces to the Manifest Hope DC art show that is being put together by Shepard Fairey, Yosi Sergant and much of the same crew that did the Manifest Hope show in Denver for the DNC last summer! I was so disappointed that I missed out on the last one, due to being out of town for the entire month when the show was being planned and executed, so I was doubly excited to have been asked to participate in this one. I'm still not exactly sure what I will be sending up for the show - my original "Believe" prints? or maybe a canvas or wood version of the same thing, or a bigger one? or should I be coming up with a new design? - but I've got a few weeks to do it and get it up there by early January. I'm beyond flattered and actually a bit nervous, but excited nonetheless. And now my brain is racing trying to figure out how the heck I can afford to get up there for the show, during the inauguration. DC friends, are you all booked up yet? Keep an eye out here for whatever fundraising scheme I come up with to get me there.

But for now, it's back to the grind. Gotta make a few more things to have out with me this weekend and next, and finish up some custom orders for folks. Hope to see you local folks out and about!

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