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More International Obama Love

A few days ago, I got a call from an editor of a German weekly newspaper, Der Freitag. It's one of Berlin's political newspapers, which I had actually heard of before. They wanted to use one of my Obama images they'd found on Flickr. (That $24 Flickr pro-membership has definitely paid for itself at this point!)

She sent me an email with several of my images - and one of Shepard Fairey's, which I had to inform her was not mine - asking for high resolution copies, for their art director to choose from, for the paper. So I sent them to her. She'd already told me up front on the phone how much they were willing to pay, which wasn't all that much, but hey, how I can say no to a German newspaper? (Really, I'm just so flabbergasted that these European publications know and acknowledge that they have to get permission and pay for graphics they find on Flickr, as their American counterparts are much less likely to do so.)

So I sent them to her. We wrote back and forth about the logistics of international payment. (Who knew all the European publications pay their contributors via bank wire? Within the European Union, it's free - like ACH transfers between banks here - but for international exchanges, they have to do SWIFT wire transfers, which aren't free. I learned a lot from this!) And today, I got a pdf of the publication, using my image. So cool!

I guess now I can say not only am I big in Norway, but now I'm also big in Germany! Woo hoo!

(I promise at some point I'll stop being so excited about the use of my silly Obama stencil, but it still just blows me away, that this little thing I did to make myself feel like I was contributing in some small way to the campaign has had such international reach, and struck a chord with so many. I'm honored and humbled, really. And of course, excited!)

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