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Catching Up On Obama Gear News...

In all the mayhem of the last few weeks leading up to the election, I neglected to toot my own horn about the fact that my Obama "Believe" stickers - which I am now out of, by the way - were included in a commemorative Election Collection Obama sticker pack issued by Only 200 were sold, and they went pretty fast - a collector's item for sure. But I was very honored to have my sticker included amongst such luminaries of the street art world as Shepard Fairey, Ron English, Morning Breath, Munk One, Billi the Kid, Sam Flores, El Mac, David Choe, and Zoltron himself. I can't wait til mine comes in the mail, as I really wanted many of these stickers, which are largely based on posters of the same designs that I couldn't afford to purchase. This will surely be a wonderful way to remember what has consumed me much of this year, creatively and passionately.

I also forgot to let folks know that my Obama bicycle spoke card was included in a Business Week article "Election Designs 2008: Designs For Democracy." You have to flip through to number 18 to get to the spoke cards, and I don't really feel like many of the designs they included were all that notable, but it's still cool that it was included. I mean, come on, it's Business Week!

So now that the election has come and gone, and Barack is our new president... I'm kind of left in a quandary: Is it time to retire the Obama design and move on to other things, as I was kinda thinking leading up to the election? Or should I do another run of the "Believe" shirts, and/or make a new design to celebrate the win and commemorate this moment in history? I've had several requests since election night for my "Believe" shirts, and I also had the idea to make a new design, possibly using the stunning photo of him that was used on the cover of the Chicago Sun-Times on Wednesday. Part of me thinks I should keep selling all this stuff from now through the inauguration at least, because folks are going to want it. And if sales on my Etsy site of the remaining "Believe" shirts are any indication, that is true. But part of me also feels it's time to give it a rest and go back to focusing on my other creative work, since so much of this year has been taken up with this one design.

What do you think? Please leave a comment if you are still interested in the "Believe" shirts or would like to see a new Obama design from me, to commemorate his presidency. Or, even if you think the opposite, that you'd rather see me moving on to other stuff. I'm just trying to gauge interest and decide whether it's worth investing the money in right now. Thanks!

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