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Catching Up: Tattoos, Flakes, & Banksy

In the twelve days (has it been that long?) I've been home, there's been a lot going on. General re-entry from living in the remote woods for three weeks, continued unpacking of our apartment (I'm down to the last few boxes in the studio - yay!), grad school starting for my sweetie, getting my website and Etsy shop back in action (which necessitated the previously mentioned unpacking of stuff in the studio), trying to see friends who weren't with me at fest (some of whom I haven't seen in months), and getting all the necessities of life dealt with and caught up (i.e. bills, setting up the cable modem and wifi network, etc.). Oh, and trying to watch some Olympics (last week) and the DNC (this week).

Unfortunately, blogging regularly hasn't really been on the list. There just hasn't been time. (Plus we didn't have internet for a while.) Now, of course, there's a potentially intense hurricane (Gustav) projected to hit somewhere near us or dead-on in the coming days; the build-up to that has been non-stop and all-encompassing, 24-7, for several days, due in no small part to the timing of today being the 3rd Katrinaversary.

Yes, I'm a little exhausted. Worn out. And I was looking forward to this weekend being one of relaxation, getting to enjoy my almost entirely unpacked and mostly decorated house, take in some Southern Decadence, some cocktails and a pool party. But no. The weather has other plans for all of us. Instead I am anxious, making lists, hurricane-proofing the porch and backyard, packing a bag, and waiting. Watching and waiting, nervously.

However, I would like to get a little caught up on the news front regarding my arty biz. So here's a little list of things I wanted to tell you about:

My friend Lillie, who is a brand new Derby City Rollergirl, and who was one of the first to buy my roller skate stencil design tshirt (thanks Lillie!), recently got the design tattood on her arm! Isn't that hott?! And Raquel Squelch, a former DCRG herself (and my sweetie's derby wife), did the tattoo - she adapted my design and gave it some color, making it really pop! I think it looks awesome. (Squelchy has since left Louisville and moved on to Chicago to art school - she's gonna be famous someday, I know it!)

The movie "Flakes" is finally out on DVD! If you don't recall me talking about it before, Flakes was a movie shot in New Orleans four, maybe five, years ago. The set director saw my stencil shirts in Turncoats (R.I.P.) and asked to use several of them for the film, as the main character is an artist who vends her wares in the French Market. I of course said yes, hoping for big screen exposure. It was just a little indie film, though, and sadly, it didn't get distribution until just this year. I finally got to watch it last week, thanks to Netflix, and snapped this screen shot, which shows the only one of my nine shirts they borrowed to actually make it into the film. But it looks good!

The film was, shall we say, mediocre, though had some very funny parts. And the sets were amazing, very colorful and eccentric, just as it should be in New Orleans. Lots of other New Orleans artists and designers were utilized for the sets and costumes, too, which you can see here in this screen shot of the closing credits. I've never had my name be in the credits for a movie before!

Lastly... I started reading about this a few days ago, but I just couldn't believe it was actually true. Surely it had to just be someone in New Orleans working in the style of Banksy, the reknowned street stencil artist from the UK. Pics started popping up on various friends' Flickr sites... but I just realized this morning that Banksy himself has it up on his own site. So I guess it must be true: Banksy has been in New Orleans this past week, commemorating the third anniversary of Katrina with some amazing new pieces.

Of course, all I want to do now is drive around and find all of them, take my own pictures, and witness these things before the fucking Grey Ghost buffs them all out. But no, I have to be making hurricane/evacuation plans and saving that full tank of gas that I wisely got two days ago before most of the gas stations were out of gas.

Madness, I tell you. Well I wonder if Banksy is still here or if he's gone already. Could make for some very interesting post-Gustav work...

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