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Closing Down... Temporarily.

Yes, it's about that time. I am in the throes of packing for our big move from Louisville down to New Orleans in less than a week, and we are boxing up the studio today. So, what that means is... I'm leaving my Etsy shop up until Wednesday, as I've pulled all that stuff into one bin and can easily access it, but I will no longer be able to produce anything - clocks, tshirts, prints, anything - until I get settled in New Orleans. And for my sanity's sake, I have made the executive decision to go ahead and remain closed between our arrival in New Orleans and our departure for MichFest only two weeks later.

Break it down, you say? That means: If you want something off my Etsy site between now and Wednesday, please order quickly. The Etsy shop will be taken down on Wednesday. If you wanted something off my webshop, it's already too late. You'll have be patient and wait until I return from MichFest on August 18th.

But don't worry. Everything will be available again and I'll be back in full force come September. My first official event in New Orleans will be the Freret Market on the first Saturday of September.

Have a wonderful summer and thanks to all who've shown their support!

When your ETSY shop is back up have your supporters go to ETSY through and they can raise money for their favorite nonprofit group while they shop!

This month's feature is all about New Orleans check out the August blog:

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