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NOLA Rising Prints... and more!

As NOLA RISING head honcho ReX has noted on his blog, I have some one of a kind hand-sprayed stencil prints of the new NOLA RISING design up in my Etsy shop now, with more to come. I haven't really settled on a singular color combination yet, so right now, there's a whole slew of different combos, each one of a kind. So get 'em now because there might not ever be anymore of that particular combo - you never know. Half the proceeds go back to NOLA RISING, which is in the final stages of becoming a non-profit organization, which is very exciting.

And stickers with the same design have been ordered and are on the way. T-shirts are definitely going to happen, but it might be a while... so 'til then, grab a print so you can display it proudly on your wall, in your window, or anywhere! You'll not only be supporting NOLA RISING, but you'll also be supporting me, an independent artist, DIYer, and all-around crafty gal, trying to make a living doing the things I love and feel a calling to do.

Meanwhile, today I am starting my preparation for Michfest by printing up a short run of "We're in the fucking woods!" and "Butch enough" tanks. It's a very short run of each, but I'll make an announcement, probably on Monday, as to how many and how to get them. I'm hoping I can sell through this pre-fest sale of these to enable me to afford to buy more shirts to print up for fest. All this moving stuff is expensive and I don't have the spare cash right now to make a big t-shirt order... so hopefully this will help. And it also means gals can have their fun fest tanks before they even get to the land! Everybody wins! Stay tuned....

Hey Mz Mags,
I hung your wonderful poster next to this:
Marée Croissante Longtemps de Trois
on today's Ladda.

I just love your work.
Could you think of doing something with that French Line above, on a poster or whateva?
I'm sure all da'cats at RT3 would appreciate it too. They turned me on to you. I think it may have been Mz. Charolette da'Luna Babe.
Anyway, I hope that you enjoy the Ladder and see your place of honor (rather than horror:)

Have a Happy Independence Day've certainly earned it!

Thank you,
I'm trying to find the NOLA Rising stickers. Are you still making them, and can I order them through you?
I live on the west coast.
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