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Obama PROGRESS 9"x12" Prints On Sale Today!

Just a quick tip for the Obama freaks out there, many of whom I'm sure missed out on the sale of the Shepard Fairey "Progress" and "Vote" posters like I did. Today, at some random time - always releases their prints at random times - a new Barack Obama "Progress" print will be released. (The picture of it is on the main "News" page of the site, but it's not yet up for sale.)

It's the same image as before, that everyone's familiar with, but it's a smaller 9"x12" size. Edition of 400. Cost is $25 plus shipping. (Shipping was $7.50 for the larger posters; not sure if it will be the same for this smaller one.) It doesn't say what the medium is - silkscreen, offset lithograph, etc. But at least it gives the opportunity to all those who previously missed out to get their own copy, and at a fairly affordable price (as opposed to the $70 price tag of the "Change" poster up on Obama's own web store). I'll assume these will be signed by the artist, as most everything released out of is.

I have no idea when this will drop, so you'll just have to keep checking in to the store page regularly throughout the day. (Or more specifically, the Prints page.)

I can't decide if I want one or not. On the one hand, I did score a "Hope" print from Obey, so do I really need yet another Obama image? Plus, I really liked the "Hope" design more, like the word "hope" more; it has more meaning to me personally. "Progress" doesn't really grab me. But then at the same time, the collector in me says, but it's one more piece of the set, and if Obama does end up winning, these will likely be really valueable one day. Plus then I could arrange the "Hope" and a smaller "Progress" and the "Hope" sticker I got into some kind of fun arrangement, maybe even with my own Obama stencil print. I could have a whole wall of Obama in my new apartment in NOLA! And, well, it's only $25. It's not much of a risk and with a limited edition of only 400, there's bound to be more people than that who want one, meaning, the price will instantly go up after it sells out. I don't really like the idea of flipping, but, um, I am pretty broke right now.

So I guess it probably all depends on whether I end up noticing when it's released. I'm not going to obsess about it - I have a music column to finish writing this morning - but I do have on my feed reader, so I'll likely know roughly when it goes up. So maybe I'll try. Good luck to everyone else who might also try!

PS: And just to compare and plug my own stuff... my 11"x14" "Believe" stencil prints (and hand-printed tshirts, for that matter) are such a bargain compared to these! Bigger AND cheaper! Add to your Obama collection!

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