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Yes, clearly I am obsessed. And clearly, I will admit, it is derivative of the Shepard Fairey posters, in a way.

But I'll defend myself by saying, the original concept was similar to that of my Bush "Evildoer" stencil that I did in 2000, which was basically just a headshot of The Shrub, stencilized, with the word "evildoer" underneath. So I was trying to think of something similar to do, but on a positive note, that might work as both a street stencil as well as on t-shirts and as a paper print. I didn't want to use the same words Fairey used ("hope" or "progress"), or the ones that are common on Obama campaign stuff ("yes we can," etc.).

So I chose the word "believe," because, basically, I want to believe. I'm trying to believe. And I'd like to inspire others to believe. When I'm listening to Barack speak, at least for those moments I'm listening, I do believe. And when it comes down to it, I definitely believe Barack more than I believe Hillary.

This is a spray paint stencil print, a test on 11"x14" 100lb Bristol board. It's not perfect, as it was way too windy outside today to get a good, clean print. But I'll be doing more on a warmer, less windy day. And perhaps with better spray paint, as this is just done with the cheapie 99 cent variety.

What do you think? Does it need more tweaking? Should I print up some tshirts and/or prints for sale? Would anyone actually buy this? Or should I just save this for surreptitious street stenciling and my own walls?

I'm obsessed too, kiddo. Gobama indeed. Keep up the good work. Hope you're well and loving life. Congrats to you for your return to NOLA...I always did love anthropology. xoxo
is this the christine i know? if so, i totally dreamed about you last night... that would be really freaky if it's you. if so, please email me!
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