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Butchertown Market a bust...

Oh well. They can't all be good. And the space was lovely, the vendors were awesome. Really everything about how it was put together was great - except for the fact that no one came. I don't know if it was just the location, not enough PR, the frigidness of the day, the fact that it was Black Friday and everyone was at the mall, or what, but really, no one came. I sold 2 ties, a patch and one small clock, making my net total for the day, after you take out the booth fee that I paid, $26. Yes, that's better than nothing, but really, not so good for an 11am - 6pm show.

It was super fun, though, to meet some of the other vendors, like Alyssa from Vintage Body Spa, Casey from LeeLuQ, and Laura from Laura Fauna. And I got to spend quality time hanging out with my Craft Mafia sisters, Angela of Amadai Designs and Maranda of ZeVin Creations. Some of us are scheming on the idea of starting up a Louisville Etsy Street Team, and also maybe throwing together a last-minute-shopping holiday show the weekend before Christmas. If it comes together, I'll be sure to let you know.

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