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Cool Sites!

Today's post is really just an opportunity for me to gush about a couple of cool sites that I love. I know this isn't a shopping blog, but they are both related to what I do, and I figure, if you like what I do, then you might like them too!

Stencil 1 is just about the most brilliant idea for a business that I wish I'd thought of... EVER. Their entire biz is about selling pre-cut stencils with pop-culture designs on them, so anyone can discover the fun and infectiousness of stencilling. I've been asked once or twice to sell one of my stencils, but it never really occurred to me that THAT could be the basis of a business. (It does help to have a laser cutter, I'll point out - fingers get worn out pretty easily cutting stencils by hand!) And Stencil 1's graphics are really cool, kinda similar to what I do - classic, basic designs of pop culture imagery. Stuff like turntables and cassettes and skull-and-crossbones and birds and all kinds of fun objects and animals. Great minds think alike, I guess!

My favorite part of their site, though, is all the how-to videos. Martha Stewart stencilling shirts with Cynthia Nixon is precious, but all the DIYers on YouTube are better. Maybe if my Etsy how-to-stencil video ever goes up, I can get them to add it to their page! They also have downloadable instructions for stencilling and bleach-stencilling processes that are pretty helpful. And check out their gallery page for ideas of all kinds of things you can stencil. Such a great site!

The second site is a NOLA-local site, fellow t-shirt designers Dirty Coast. I've loved their designs for a few years now - they started right before Hurricane Katrina, but have blown up after the storm. I think my favorite designs they've done include "I Am New Orleans" and "Be A New Orleanian. wherever you are." But I think they've got a lot of clever slogans and great design going.

Dirty Coast has recently added some new designs by their friends at TrumpeTees. Their new "Jolly Louis" design is my new favorite - I must have one of those! I love it. So smart - Louis Armstrong's face with a crossbones of trumpets. Brilliant, really. I really like their "Forever Folk" design, too. I'll be anxious to see more designs from the TrumpeTees folks.

I should mention that many of the Dirty Coast designs are being carried by our friends over at Storyville, both in their brick and mortar stores in Baton Rouge and Austin (and soon Chapel Hill and hopefully New Orleans!), as well as via their online store, Stay tuned for announcements about some of MY designs going up on Storyville's site and in their stores, very very soon!

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