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Craft My Ride!

OK, how cool is this? Scion is doing a Craft My Ride contest, asking indie crafters to hand-make unique car accessories for a Scion. And the winner gets a 2008 Scion xD! (1st and 2nd runners-up get cash prizes.) Woo hoo! All the details are on their site. You've got until October 22nd, so get crafting!

I've been racking my brain since I first heard about this trying to think of something that I could enter, but since I don't sew or knit, I'm having a hard time. Maybe a stencilled floormat? Or seat cover? But those both sound challenging to come up with, since the actual object must also be hand-made. Their other suggestions of key chains and/or steering wheel covers aren't really ringing any bells for me. What other kinds of car accessories are there, that could be hand-made? Maybe I should just make a special Scion CD ornament that could hang all glittery-like from the rear view mirror? I doubt it would win, but it would be fun to make! I'll let you know if I end up doing it... (and yes, of course, I'll post pictures!)

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