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This just in...

Back from the woods! What a wonderful three weeks it was, away from reality, cell phones, computers, the news, our pets, and the general stress of daily life in this world. I saw some really great performances, hung out with friends from around the world, spent lovely time with my beautiful girlfriend, and managed to sell a LOT of clothes at the two worker craft sales that happened while I was on the land.

Thank you to everyone who made purchases and/or offered kind words, feedback, design ideas, and overall support. If you've made your way here to my site for the first time, click around and take a look at what I've got for sale, and if you don't see something you saw at fest, just email me and I'm sure I can hook you up. I'm kinda slow at getting all the t-shirt designs, cufflinks, ties and other new stuff up on the site - but check back often, cuz it's on my to-do list for the fall. Oh yeah, and click the button to the left to sign up for my newsletter!

And, if you were one of the many who wanted one of the above "Butch Enough" or "We're In The Fucking Woods!" tanks but I ran out of your size, just drop me a line and let me know what size you need. They are $15 each including shipping to the US and Canada (international orders will have to have shipping calculated and added on).

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