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stencilling how-to on etsy blog

so for all of you who wonder how it is that i do my spray-paint stencilling, here's a a how-to video i found on etsy's blog that kinda covers the basics of making a stencil and spraying it (diy printmaking). this demonstator only prints on cardstock, but the same concept can be used for fabric and really anything.

unlike some of the commentors, i find that using spray paint on fabric does work 80% of the time - you just have to test out many brands of spray paint you have available to you and try different methods of spraying. i've found over the years that the spray adhesive really is the key, when dealing with fabric... as is cheap spray paint. don't bother with the expensive stuff - the thin, runny spray paint actually works better as a dye, i've found. you just have to be more careful spraying it. the more expensive paint, like krylon, just gets crusty on your fabric, due to the higher pigment level.

and contrary to this demonstration, ALWAYS wear a respirator if possible. yes, it's a pain in the ass, and often sweaty, but your lungs (and nose and throat) will thank you. and always do your spraying, including spray adhesive, outdoors, where there is ample ventilation. (if you need to get off the sticky from the adhesive on your table or whatever, fingernail polish remover does the trick - it's basically acetone, which is what commercial screen printers use. but again, be careful with it, and do so in a well-ventilated area.)

eventually etsy will post a version of the how-to-stencil-a-tshirt demo i did back a few months ago with erin haldrup... she tells me it will be in an issue of the storque, their upcoming online newsletter. but i'm still waiting on that one. of course i'll link to it whenever it's up.

Great and very helpful to those who like to stencil. Ive been doing it on my pillow designs but am thinking of using a sparay paint as an alternative. So you suggest Krylon? and only on cotton? or can it be used on leather as well as faux suede?
no, i actually DON'T suggest krylon, from my own personal experience. i like to use the cheap stuff, whatever costs 99cents. but you might have different results. i'd suggest you test different brands on your different fabrics. i mostly do spray paint stenciling on 100% cotton tshirts, but have had good results on 50/50 and 60/40 poly-cotton blends.

i've also done ok with it on rayon and other various polyester blends, like on vintage men's shirts.

but i always launder everything i spray paint before i sell it, first to make sure the paint is going to stick, and second to smooth over the fabric, cuz sometimes you can get a crusty surface with spray paint. but usually after a wash and dry, it's fine. just like dyed fabric.

good luck!
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