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mother's day

this year for mother's day, you'll see no big sales or discounts or even new products specifically targetted to moms here on my website. no, i'm not a big party pooper, and of course i want to acknowledge my friends and lover who are moms. it really is a fucking hard job, being a mom, and a really important one. probably the most important one. but due to losing my own mom at age 10, it's just not been one of those holidays that i've felt a part of for most of my life. and it was always just yet another reminder of how much i missed my own mom.

i struggle with the consumerist culture we live in, and with the fact that even the indie biz community goes overboard for every holiday out there on the calendar, trying to reel in the sales. i'm of the belief that if we just respected and loved and valued each other, all of us, every day, it'd be a lot better world.. not just on isolated capitalist-exploited holidays. (yes, i'm aware of the irony here, that i'm an indie biz owner myself, selling "stuff" that i want people to buy. i said that i struggle.)

me, i try to buy gifts for folks whenever i see things that i think they'll like. and i don't usually wait to give it to them on some gift-giving holiday. but that's just me. and i don't fault anyone else for how they live their life, but this is just how i live mine. and how i run my business. so yeah, no mother's day specials here... though of course i think a lovely recycled vinyl wall clock or tshirt would make a fine gift for anyone's mom! any day, not just mother's day.

instead, i'm offering this video i found online, which has some hollywood actresses and gloria steinem talking about the origins of mother's day as an anti-war occasion. i like the idea of "taking back" mother's day, and of women joining together to promote peace and to try to end the violence of war.

so here ya go. you're herstory lesson for the day:

happy mother's day, everyone.

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