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Nashville... and newspaper mentions!

THIS JUST IN: While I was in Nashville yesterday, I got not one but TWO newspaper article mentions - one in New Orleans' Times-Picayune and one in Louisville's Courier-Journal. The former is an article about the gal from who I met and shot some video with in New Orleans over Mardi Gras; the latter is a feature with a great picture of one of my clocks (!) about the Louisville Craft Mafia and our trip to Nashville yesterday. That definitely explains why I had so much traffic to my website yesterday! Very exciting!

And I don't think I mentioned... earlier last week, the New Orleans Craft Mafia was featured in the local free alternative music publication Antigravity, along with a goofy pic of all of us. Look on page 11! (You can download the entire issue on pdf, and then scroll over to p.11 to see us!)

And speaking of Nashville (that's a pic of our booth above)... it was so much fun! Those Nashville Craft Mafia gals sure know how to throw an indie craft show! So thanks to the NCM for organizing and executing such a fun event, and thanks to everyone in attendance for all the great feedback and sales! I'll definitely be looking forward to doing that show again next year.

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