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busy holiday season...

so, if the past few weekends are any indication, this holiday shopping season is definitely in FULL SWING!

the day after thanksgiving i did the FAT Friday Trolley Hop in Louisville, and it went better than ever. the weather was lovely, we were out there all day and into the evening, and sales were good.

then i got a report from the opening night of Craftland that the place was packed and some of my stuff was already selling! yay! wish i could have been there, but you folks up in the area really need to go check it out. (there's a short video up on the Craftland website from opening night. i didn't see any of my stuff, but it still looks like fun!)

this past saturday was the start of my New Orleans stint - the oddities bazaar at the green project. i didn't have high expectations for this event due to location, but as it turned out, sales were quite brisk and it was a fun day out in the sun by the train tracks. i got to see some old friends and set up my brand new (used) EZ-UP tent! i guess i'm a real "pro" now that i have a tent and all. [giggle]

the culmination of my efforts thus far was yesterday, at Festivus. what an amazing day! thousands of folks came out to support on a beautiful sunny winter day in the CBD, even while the Saints were playing close by in the Superdome! (and yes, we won!)

that was me, back in the corner in the chilly shade, under my tent. (i know, i really need to make a banner for the front of the tent! it's on the list.) it's not a good angle for you to see the entire inside, but i thought my setup was good. having all the clocks in that back right corner really drew folks in. and everyone was in a festive, buying mood. i had an EXCELLENT day of sales, took several custom orders which will keep me busy this next week, and made some good connections with some local businesses who are interested in carrying my stuff, which is super cool. i'm looking forward to two more sundays just like this one, the next two weeks.

and to top it off, when i got home last night, it was pointed out to me that the folks who put on festivus - - have used one of my cat clock pics to illustrate the page on the crescent city farmers' market site that promotes festivus. i know it's a little thing, but it's still cool!

so that's the report so far. i'll try to keep you updated as the shopping season continues. and thanks to everyone for all the support!

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