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almost done - just one more market!!

well, the holiday frenzy is wrapping up now. i have very successfully completed 3 full weekends of markets here in new orleans, and 3 weeks of feverishly restocking, setting up makeshift "studios" in various friends' back yards. i am absolutely pooped, and i've decided I'M DONE. i'm not making any more custom orders or restocking anything for christmas at this point - i'm done. i'm exhausted!

but, it's been an incredible month of sales, and i'm ever so grateful to the folks in new orleans for all the market sales, and those around the country who ordered from my website or from the new orleans craft mafia webshop. this is the best holiday season i've had yet since i've started my crafty biz, and all the positive feedback has nourished my crafty soul. i can't wait to get back into the studio to come up with new designs and maybe even new products in the new year!

but for now, i have one last holiday market to participate in, and then i pack it all up and head back to kentucky to relax and enjoy the remainder of the holidays with my sweetie, my dad, my geriatric cat, and darla the wonder beagle. so please, if you're in new orleans, come clean me out of stock tomorrow night, ok? i have about 15 clocks, one garment rack's worth of clothes and a few dozen ornaments left... and EVERYTHING'S ON SALE! cash (or check) and carry - take it away!!

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